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Policy Series 2000 - Governance and Operations

2000.0 Board Operational Goals

2100.0 School Board Legal Status

2110.0 School Board Powers and Duties

2100.0R1 School Board Powers and Duties Regulation

2110.1 Board of Education Role in Staff Recruitment

2111.0 Board Member Authority

2120.0 School Board Elections

2120.1 Candidates and Campaigning

2120.2 Voting Procedures

2120.3 Candidate Reporting of Expenditures and Contributions

2121.0 Board Member Qualifications

2122.0 Board Member Oath of Office

2130 Board Member Resignation

2140.0 Board Member Removal From Office

2150.0 Unexpired Term Fulfillment

2160.0 School Board Member Ethics

2160.0E1 School Board Code of Ethics Exhibit

2160.0R1 School Board Member Ethics Regulation

2170.0 Board Member Confllict of Interest

2210.0 Board Reorganizational Meeting

2220.0 Board Officers

2230.0 Appointed Board Officials

2240.0 Board-Superintendent Relationship

2270.1 Litigation Procedures

2300.0 School Board Meetings

2310.0 Regular Meetings

2320.0 Special Meetings

2330.0 Executive Sessions

2340.0 Notice of Meetings

2342.0 Agenda Preparation and Dissemination

2350.0 Board Meeting Procedures

2360.0 Minutes

2390.0 Board Hearings

2410.0 Formulation, Adoption and Amendment of Policies

2410.0R1 Policy Adoption and Review Regulation

2430.0 Suspension of Policies

2440 Administration in Policy Absence

2450.0 Policy Dissemination

2460.0 Policy Review and Evaluation

2470.0 Developing Board Policy

2510.0 New Board Member Orientation

2521.0 School Board Conferences Conventions Workshops

2521.0E1 School Board Conferences, Conventions, Workshops Exhibit

2530.0 Memberhip in School Board Association

2550.0 Board Member Compensation and Expense

2550.0R1 Board Member Compensation and Expense Regulation

2700.0 Board-Staff Communications




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