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Lanigan 1st Graders Enjoy Astronomy Unit

Lanigan Elementary School first-graders were well prepared for a recent videoconference with the Space Center Houston after having learned all about astronomy.
The videoconference served as a culmination activity to the first-grade astronomy Listening and Learning unit, in which the students learned about the sun, moon, solar system, history of space and astronauts, among several other topics. Teacher Marie Mathes said the unit had been the most “engaging and interesting” unit for the young learners since the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year. Several students had even expanded their astronomy knowledge by checking out library books and continuing learning at home with their families.
A representative of the Space Center Houston shared fun tidbits about space and astronauts, including their love of taking selfies, components of rockets and Newton’s laws of motion and how they apply to space. Students also prepared several questions, including: why does fire come out of spaceships, how are spaceships landed, why do rockets have fins, how does a rocket not fall out of space and how is the body of a rocket so big? First-grader Baylee Recore was so intrigued by the information, she asked “How does the Earth move and you can’t feel it?” When she was told it takes the Earth 24 hours to spin around and gravity helps keep people and objects on Earth, she and her classmates imagined spinning around for an entire day.
The videoconference was made possible thanks to the Distance Learning program through the Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation.

Earlier in the school year, the first-graders and entire Langian student body were able to visit a mobile planetarium right in their gymnasium.





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