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Tandy Leather visits Volney 4th graders

Volney Elementary School fourth-graders kicked-off their Haudenosaunee academic unit with a visit from Tandy Leather.
Students learned about various types of leather from Rebecca Johnston, manager of the Syracuse store. She explained that Native Americans utilized animals for meat and didn’t let the rest of the animals go to waste. Fourth-grader Taelyn Arnold said he knew they used animal skin for clothes, shoes and blankets, among other items.
The children were able to see and feel different types of animal skin, including those from a deer, cow, rabbit, snake and fox. “Wow, that’s so soft,” one student said, as he felt the deer skin.
After they learned about animals and leather, the students were invited to make a leather (cow skin) bookmark with the following steps: wet the leather, put the soothe side up, select metal stamps to decorate the bookmark, hold the stamp handle firm and hit it with a mallet to make an impression, share stamps with friends, have fun and color the bookmark if desired. All bookmarks required to dry overnight before they were utilized to save pages in books.

Volney Elementary fourth-graders create stamped leather bookmarks during a
hands-on activity with their teacher Kathryn Schnall and Tandy Leather store
manager Rebecca Johnston.





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