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Kings and queens parade Volney Elementary

All hail, the kings and queens of Volney Elementary School have commanded their subjects to bow and curtsy as they paraded in the hallways.
The royal affair was a culmination activity to a Listening and Learning unit about monarchies in Europe, fairy tales and other enchanting lessons. Upon learning about royal families in England, roles and responsibilities of kings and queens, kindergarteners practiced classic nursery rhymes, read books with teachers and celebrated with the royal parade and a tea party.
Students in grades one through six lined the hallways with their teachers to applaud the dapper young kings and their beautiful young queens. Dressed in their best suits and dresses, the kindergarteners were also adorned with crowns. When they entered the school cafeteria, the music of Princess Elsa from the movie “Frozen” played as they dined with their parents over snacks and tea.
Teachers Anne Grabowski and Kathryn Rowlee said their students were elated to participate in a variety of fun activities throughout the academic unit, which connects with a future unit on why Christopher Columbus went to the kings and queens for his voyage.





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