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Fairgrieve introduces Safety Patrol members

Several Fairgrieve Elementary School sixth-graders commitment to safety has earned them a spot on the school’s coveted Safety Patrol.
Patrol advisor and Special Education teacher Anne Roberts said each member is stationed throughout various spots in the building that Principal Jean Sampsell has deemed a necessary zone where students may need reminders on hallway expectations. She encouraged the student body to listen to Safety Patrol members when they give their peers reminders of those expectations: walking quietly, staying in line and keeping hands off of lockers, staying to the right, taking one step at a time and to keep shoe laces tied.
Principal Sampsell recently introduced students in grades pre-kindergarten through six to Safety Patrol members so they know who is helping them any given day.
Members proudly wear their bright yellow AAA-sponsored sashes so they are associated as members of the Safety Patrol and so they stand out in case their peers are in need to seek help when they are on duty as the school day begins.
Roberts said there are two teams of 10 students that will alternate every five weeks. Safety Patrol members are: Harleigh Arnold, Kailey Bocyck, Tyler Bryant, Dereck Curtis, Megan Gates, Hunter Holliday, Brandon Howard, Hailey Jenkins, McKenna Lawson, Destiny Ledger, Kamila Miranda, Riley Niver, Moira Percival, Dominic Reidell, Gabby Runge, Madison Salisbury, Samantha Treneer, Bella Maliszewski and Natasha Carpenter.





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