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1st graders host blood drive at Volney

From lessons in school to watching people donate blood, Volney Elementary School first-graders could tell anyone all about the human body.
As part of the first-grade Listening and Learning unit about the body systems, the youngsters studied how the body’s components work together. They researched facts of the circulatory system, digestive system, muscular system and skeletal systems before they worked in teams to make a life-sized poster of those internal workings and a PowerPoint presentation for adult volunteers to watch as they registered to give blood.
Teacher Kathleen DeLisle said the blood drive served as the unit’s community awareness component, to which the first-graders created handmade invitations, “lifesaver” thank you notes and posters.
First-grader Elizabeth Blake said her favorite body system to learn about was the circulatory system and she was fascinated with the heart. Several of her classmates thought it was cool to watch guests donate blood and American Red Cross blood drive workers explained where the bags of blood go after the event is over.
Amanda Sherman said the unit will conclude with students learning healthy facts, proper hygiene and the importance of check-ups.




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