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L-Z Juniors & Seniors

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7th Graders

GRB High School
(CEEB) Code: 332-020

SAT Test Center
Code: 33-428 •

ACT Test Center
Code: 189840

Can my child receive additional help if struggling to learn the material?
Students will best be served by asking the teacher for additional time before or after school, or a free period during the school day.
Secondly, members of the National Honor Society provide tutoring services during Guided Study Hall.

How is a final average calculated for each course?
For a full year, 1 credit course the final average is calculated by adding the four quarters plus the final exam, then dividing by five [i. e. 84 (1st quarter) + 78 (2nd quarter) + 88 (3rd quarter) + 83 (4th quarter) + 90 (final exam) = 423 / 5 = 84.6 = 85 final average].

For a half year, 1/2 credit course the final average is calculated by doubling the two quarter grades plus the final exam, then dividing by five [i. e. 84 (1st quarter) + 84 (1st quarter) + 88 (2nd quarter) + 88 (2nd quarter) + 90 (final exam) = 434 / 5 = 86.8 = 87 final average].

Using this method assures that the final examination for all courses is worth the equivilent of one quarter (20%) of the final average.

How many credits are required for graduation?
A minimum of 22 credits are required for graduation, whether for the Local Diploma, Regents Diploma or the Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation.

How often will I receive report cards?
"Progress Reports," which provide information about the student's progress up to the date of the report, are issued to students five weeks prior to each report card.  A student's grade may move up or down between the issuing of progress reports and report cards.

"Report Cards" are sent by mail to parents/guardians at the end of each 10 week quarter (4 times per year in November, February, April and June).  The grades recorded on the report card will be used to calculate the student's final average and to determine whether a student passes or fails.

What is AIS?
AIS means Academic Intervention Services.  Students falling below New York State established benchmarks in academic performance, or students whose scores suggest additional intervention would be appropriate, may be placed in AIS classes to help improve skills and prepare for the New York State assessments.  In addition, students not meeting attendance and behavior benchmarks may receive AIS in those areas, in addition to academic support.

What grade is passing?
Any score of 65 or higher is a passing grade for any high school course.  Any score of 64 or lower is a failing grade.

What grades are required for a student to earn "Honor Roll" and "High Honor Roll?"
Pupils must carry at least an honor point average of 84.5% in a minimum of 5 subjects plus Physical Education in order to be eligible for the honor roll.

Pupils must carry at least a high honor point average of 89.5% in a minimum of 5 subjects plus Physical Education in order to be eligible for the high honor roll.

What is a SNIG?
SNIG means "Senior Not in Good Standing."  Any senior with an average of 72 or below in a course required for graduation will be considered a senior not in good standing.  The student will receive notification by an administrator and a form letter will be sent to his/her parent/guardian.

When can my child begin attending the Center for Instruction, Technology and Innovation (CiTi; formerly BOCES)?
All GRB students have the opportunity to visit CiTi during the first semester of their sophomore year.  They may then enroll in a program of study in their junior and/or senior year depending upon program availability and the student's progress toward meeting all of the graduation requirements.  See your school counselor to discuss the options and/or to register for a program.





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