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Fairgrieve 6th graders soar to new heights

Fairgrieve Elementary School sixth-graders put their knowledge of Newton’s three Laws of Motion to the test as they launched their handmade rockets into the air, as part of a recent science lesson.
Keeping in mind those three laws: an object will remain at rest unless it’s compelled to change, velocity of an object changes when it is subjected to an external force and that for every force in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction, students designed and created their rockets with personal touches and goals of reaching sky-high limits. Teacher Kerrie Phillips said listening, teamwork, construction and several other skills aided students in their work. The rocket lesson also served as a reinforcement of many science skills the sixth-graders have learned in grades kindergarten through five.
Rocket launches were successful this year, she said, as just a few parachutes wouldn’t open. Students were amazed with the success of their calculations and watched in awe as their rockets reached incredible heights. Phillips said several students walked away from the lesson with further ideas of improvement if they were to launch their rockets again.

Grace Hutton, Fairgrieve Elementary sixth-grader, shows off
her rocket she made as part of a recent science lesson.





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