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2nd grade Community Day at Fairgrieve

It takes several people to help a community remain safe and prosperous.
That is what Fairgrieve Elementary School second-grade students took away from attending a recent Community Day discussion where a hairdresser, physical therapist, factory worker, police officer and firefighters spoke about their roles and responsibilities in creating a community. The event served as a culmination activity an academic unit on community.
The factory worker explained she helps make packaging for ice cream, while the physical therapist noted she helps people take care of their bodies. Hairdresser Kim Anderson told the students about her work duties and said she, too, still learns to help perfect her craft. The second-graders were ecstatic to hear all about the equipment and tools Fulton Police Officer Joli McGrath uses for police work.
“I’m going to be on your team!” one student shouted.
He and his classmates worked with the Fulton Fire Department members to identify firefighter job functions: investigate fire or alarm malfunctions, help people in car accidents or if they are hurt somewhere in the community.
Teacher Renee Ferlito said students learned about urban and suburban settings, various community helpers, goods and services and they spoke about what they aimed to be when they grow up. The second-graders were engaged in the presentation and asked several questions, including some about hours worked, job duties, salaries and education required.

Fairgrieve Elementary second-grader Jaleel Barnwell flashes
a smile as he converses with classmates about the many
careers they learned about during the second-grade Community Day.

Fulton Police Officer Joli McGrath demonstrates how her
handcuff key unlocks handcuffs after she explained several of
her job duties during the Fairgrieve Elementary second-grade
Community Day.





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