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Fire prevention week brings lessons to Volney

Sometimes education at Volney Elementary School occurs outside of the classroom, and that’s what transpired during a recent visit from the Volney Volunteer Fire Corporation.
In honor of National Fire Prevention Week, a handful of volunteer firefighters educated students from grades pre-kindergarten through six on the following basic measures: never hide during a fire because firefighters need to see where people are, if trapped in a room stay near the door or a window, never go back inside for an animal or toy, smoke detectors should be placed high and people should go low while exiting to a safe meeting place.
One of the most important tips Chief Adam Howard had for students was to memorize their address because if they utilize a cellular phone to call 9-1-1, they need to know their location so the dispatcher can immediately send help. One first-grader raised his hand and suggested that all families should have an escape plan with a meeting spot.
Chief Howard repeated several times that if their clothes catch on fire they should stop, drop and roll on the floor or ground. The more children hear proper procedures, he said, the more likely they are to retain the information. Students were also encouraged to ask their families to practice fire drills and escape plans at home.
The visit ended outside with details all about firetrucks before students were allowed to climb through the area where the firefighters sit on their way to and from calls.

Volney Elementary School students receive a demonstration
of the proper “stop, drop and roll” technique from Volney
Volunteer Fire Corporation Chief Adam Howard they are to use
if their clothes ever catch on fire.





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