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Archery lesson hits the target @ FJHS

Fulton City School District seventh- and eighth-graders recently spent three weeks perfecting skills in order to reach their targets – in archery that is.
The Fulton Junior High School students broadened their opportunities to do a different activity, thanks to Physical Education teacher Scott Blackburn who brought the three-week session back to the building within the past year. Basic archery concepts learned include: safety rules, nocking the arrow on the bow string, gripping the string, standing correctly with feet shoulder-length apart, making sure one’s shooting arm is in the proper position, aiming at the target and then releasing the arrow.
Blackburn, an avid sportsman and bow hunter, said the class has provided excitement and new challenges, which the children have taken in stride. While few students were accustomed to the sport, in others he has seen their self-doubt blossom into smiles and self-worth. During a recent class, several students were ecstatic to land their arrow close to the target’s bullseye, while others identified ways to improve their skill in hopes of reaching the target on their next try.
Getting youth outdoors and trying something new is what it’s all about, Blackburn said.

FJHS eighth-grader Elizabeth Chrisman, center, smiles after
she successfully shot an arrow to her target during a recent
archery lesson in her physical education class.





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