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Videoconference teaches 1st graders gross facts

That was the initial reaction from several Lanigan Elementary School first-graders during an interactive videoconference all about the human body. Students learned how different bodily functions help people maintain healthy bodies. Without those vital, yet not-so-dainty functions people could become ill.
The first-graders were glued to the presenter through video connection when he talked about how food gives bodies energy and it has to be chewed up well before it’s swallowed. A few excited volunteers showed how saliva helps break down food, as they chewed up- and then spit out- cheddar crackers so their classmates could see the before-and-after effect.
Giggles and groans were heard in the library media center as students learned that stomach acid and muscles continue to help break down food, but when there is too much gas in the stomach, human bodies release it by burping. Teacher Samantha Finocchiaro demonstrated this by putting a tablet into a small container with water in it, turned that upside down and then the gases released causing a “pop” with the container and water splashed on the table.
One student shyly raised her hand and said “pooping” when asked how the body gets rid of waste. A few of her classmates led a bowel movement demonstration with a water and oatmeal mixture stuffed into a nylon stocking before a small hole was cut and the items were released.
The biggest hit, however, was the mock mucus making after students learned from the presenter that mucus captures dirt, germs and bacteria to help humans avoid getting sick.
Students were encouraged to go home and talk with their families about how most gross bodily functions have a purpose. The videoconference is one of many lessons all Lanigan first-graders will experience ahead of their Oct. 24 blood drive. As part of the first-grade curriculum, students have learned all about the human body, its systems and functions.

Crispin Crowe, Lanigan Elementary first-grader happily
creates fake mucus during a recent videoconference which
taught students that gross bodily functions all have a purpose.





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