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College Testing

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GRB High School
(CEEB) Code: 332-020

SAT Test Center
Code: 33-428 •

ACT Test Center
Code: 189840


G. Ray Bodley's College Testing Program

PSAT/NMSQT® Grade 11 (selected Grade 10)

The PSAT (Preliminary SAT) is a test for juniors from the College Board.  All students in grade 11 and select students in grade 10 will take the PSAT during the school day in October at GRB.
PSAT Parent Tutorial - Understanding PSAT results online link

SAT Grade 11/12


GRB Test Center Code:  33-428

GRB High School (CEEB) Code:  332-020

Grade 11/12


GRB Test Center Code:  189840

GRB High School (CEEB) Code:  332-020


Subject Tests

Grade 11/12 SAT Subject Tests are required by some competitive colleges and universities.  Check with your college before signing up.

Testing and College Entrance
College entrance exams are required by most 4-year and some 2-year colleges and universities as part of the application process.  Some 2-year colleges, community colleges or other trade or technical schools may not require the exams, but use the exam results for placement purposes, in which case they are recommended.  Check your college's admissions policy.

College Entrance Exams Offered at G. Ray Bodley High School
The ACT in October, December and June; the SAT in December and June.  The exams are also offered on several other dates throughout the school year at testing centers across the country.  You can register online by linking to the testing agencies listed above.

Special Needs Students
Students with special needs must register and be approved by the testing agency in order to receive testing modifications.  This takes some additional time, so planning ahead is strongly advised.

How can I get testing accommodations if I have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or a Section 504 Plan?
Students with IEPs and 504s must submit paperwork to the testing agencies well in advance of the testing date.  To get the necessary forms, please contact your case manager.  Once approved by the testing agency you will be eligible for your accommodations during testing.

What college test preparation is available?
Cayuga Community College's Fulton Campus offers college test preparation.  Other test prep materials are available online through the ACT and SAT websites and printed material is available from both testing agencies and most bookstores.  The Counseling Office has print materials that can be used in the Counseling Office.

How early should students begin college testing?
The college testing program at G. Ray Bodley High School is available to sophomores, juniors and seniors beginning as soon as the fall of a student's sophomore year.  After taking the preliminary PSAT, students are advised to take their ACT and SAT exams for the first time before the end of their junior year.  This allows for additional opportunities to take the test at the beginning of the senior year before college applications are sent.

Which test should I take?
Because the tests are substantially different, and because most colleges will accept either one (and will generally accept the higher scores), it is advisable for most students to take both the ACT and SAT.

What are the SAT Subject Tests and should I take them?
The SAT Subject Tests are one-hour exams in specific school subjects that some of the most competitive colleges require.  You only need to take these tests if the college to which you are applying requires them.  Check with your college admissions office, web site or printed materials to determine which tests to take.





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