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Class Supplies

Class Supplies

Method Book:
This year, all students will be working out of the Essential Elements 2000 for Strings series of method books.  5th and 6th grade students will need to purchase Volume 1 of the series for their instrument for use at home and in lessons. This book can be purchased at MidState Music in Liverpool/Oswego or Music & Arts in Clay.  They can also be found on Amazon and a variety of other websites.  In most cases, local music stores offer a delivery service to Fulton Schools for music and instrumental needs. *When purchasing books please make sure to get the correct volume and instrument based on your child’s needs! Volume One has an orange strip on top. Please make sure it is the book for your child’s instrument.*

Other Course Equipment - Students must bring the following to class EVERYDAY:
1. Instrument and bow in good working order. (Please have a name-tag on each case.  Ms. Bergman has many extras if you need one!)

2. A soft lead pencil (please no pen!).

3. Any sheet music or written materials handed out in class. This must be in your folder, and labeled with your name.  Please refrain from folding music, or allowing music to be crumpled or otherwise damaged!

4. Accessories:
  • Rosin – All instruments must have a cake of rosin on hand every day. Violins and violas should purchase violin/viola rosin and celli should purchase cello rosin. Rosin must be brought to all class everyday (no exceptions will be made). Basses must use bass rosin.  Most private rental instruments come with rosin.
  • Cleaning Cloth – All students need to have a small soft cloth every day to wipe down their instrument as well as wiping off rosin that has built up on the strings and fingerboard.
  • *Rubber Rock Stops/Straps – All celli and basses need a rubber rock stop or a cello/bass strap. This item is used to stop the instrument from slipping, thus preventing poor playing position. Students should label items with an identifying mark on the top of the rock stop. If your instrument slips, it could crash to the floor, causing it serious damage!!!
  • *Shoulder Pad/Shoulder Rest – All violins and violas must have some type of shoulder rest device (e.g. Suzuki style shoulder rest sponge or better quality shoulder rest such as Kun, Everest, or Wolf brand).  Shoulder rests are used to keep the instrument in good playing position.
  • Optional but highly suggested: A folding music stand for home practice, not to be brought to school.
  • Optional Spare Set of Strings – String often run the risk of being broken throughout the year, especially during extremely weather changes. If is helpful for each student to have a replacement set of strings in their case in the event that a string is broken. Ms. Bergman can replace the strings if you have an extra.




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