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Orchestra Handbook Information

What will we learn?

  1. Proper playing posture
  2. Proper left and right hand positions
  3. Note reading
  4. Rhythm
  5. Understand musical terms and symbols
  6. Group and individual performance skills
  7. Respect for others
  8. Responsibility to self and group

What will we do for orchestra rehearsals?

  • Orchestra rehearsals are held during a scheduled part of the school day.  Students will not be taken out of their classes for orchestra rehearsal.

  • Attendance and participation at every rehearsal are required, unless absent from school.  

  • Students are expected to be on time to rehearsal with their instrument, music and pencil ready.


What will we do for lessons?

  • Lessons are given during the school day on a rotating schedule.  Students will have one 30 minute group lesson each week

  • Students will not miss the same class often due to this rotation schedule. Students report to lessons a different time slot each week.  

  • Students will be placed into lesson groups with students who play the same instrument.

  • A lesson schedule will be given to students, classroom teachers, and will be posted on the orchestra room door.

  • Each student is required to attend his/her weekly lesson. If a student has a quiz or test, he/she must communicate with Ms. Bergman prior to the lesson time, to schedule a make-up lesson.


What are the expectations?

  • Students are not allowed to touch or play another student’s instrument.

  • Students are expected to be respectful and attentive during all orchestra rehearsals and lessons.

  • Food, drinks and gum are not permitted in the orchestra room.


How much should I practice?

  • All elemntary orchestra students are encouraged to practice as much as possible!

  • Students are highly encouraged to practice 20 minutes a day.

  • Practicing is our nightly homework for orchestra.

Why is practicing necessary?

Practice is an essential part of musical development. Consistent practice will help students develop proper instrumental techniques and strengthen certain muscles needed to produce proper sounds on each instrument. "Practice make permanent!"  

What else should I know before we begin?

We will be working diligently throughout the year to put on fantastic elementary orchestra performances. Students are required to perform in scheduled school concerts.  It is important for every orchestra student to be in attendance, because every student is vital to the success of the orchestral performance.  Orchestra is a team, and we can’t perform well without all our members.  If you have any conflicts with these concert dates, please let me know ASAP.  Any absences from concerts because of illness or family emergencies must be accompanied by a written excuse and, if possible, a phone call in advance.

*Please keep fingernails trimmed short to enable proper playing position!* 


Parents, family and friends are highly encouraged to support students’ hard work in the music program through concert attendance!




Brian Pulvino, Superintendent
129 Curtis Street
Fulton, New York 13069
Phone: (315) 593-5500

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