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GRB High School
(CEEB) Code: 332-020

SAT Test Center
Code: 33-428 •

ACT Test Center
Code: 189840

Scheduling  and Course Selection
The scheduling and course selection process involves several steps including disseminating information to students, collecting teacher recommendations, reviewing records with students, selecting electives and submitting course requests.  To facilitate this process each spring, the following events take place:
  1. Scheduling Assemblies - Assemblies will be held for each class in the spring, typically in March.
  2. Course Catalog - Course Catalogs are mailed home and made available on the web site.   Parents and guardians are encouraged to review the course catalog with their children and assist them in selecting courses that will help them meet requirements for graduation, as well as support attainment of their post-secondary goals.
  3. Teacher Recommendations - Each student will receive a "Course Recommendations" card  on which to record teacher recommendations for next year's classes and choose electives they are interested in taking.
  4. Student Scheduling - Students will be given an appointment time to meet individually with counselors, typically in April.  The schedule will be given to the students in their GSH and will be posted in many areas of the school including the TV monitor near the Nurses office and on the window of the counseling office. 
  5. Course Selection Verification - After all students have met with their counselors, they will receive a course verification list to assure that the proper courses are entered in the system to bring home.
  6. Master Schedule Design - The master schedule for the entire high school building will be designed based upon student course requests.  This takes place during the summer.
  7. Schedules Mailed - In late August, after final master schedule adjustments and summer school results have been entered, schedules for sophomores, juniors and seniors will be mailed home.  Incoming freshman receive schedules at Parent Orientation the week before the new school year begins.

New Vision Applications
New Vision is a BOCES program available to high school seniors only, who have an interest in Allied Health, Law and Government, or Specialized Careers.  The courses occupy a half day of the student's schedule, are held off-campus and include hands-on rotations.  Participants earn 4 credits total from the program - 1 credit for English 12, 1/2 credit for Participation in Government, 1/2 credit for Economics, and 2 credits for the area of specialty - Allied Health, Law and Government, Business or Specialized Careers.  Interested seniors must fill out an application (which includes a form, a 250-word essay, 4 recommendations) available in the Guidance Office, and return all parts completed to the counseling office.  Application deadlines will be announced in the spring.  To be eligible for New Vision, students must:

  1. Be in grade 12 and scheduled to graduate in the school year he/she will be enrolled in the New Vision Program.
  2. Have achieved an attendance rate of 90% or better.
  3. Possess an 85% unweighted GPA or better.
  4. Have an acknowledged interest in health care, law and government, business or specialized career field.
Application forms are available at the CiTi (BOCES) website

CiTi (BOCES) Enrollment Requirements
The Center for Instruction, Technology and Innovation (CiTi, formerly BOCES) offers Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs of study to students in each of the nine component school districts in Oswego County at the B. Ramer Technical Career Center in Mexico, NY.  All GRB students have the opportunity to visit the Technical Career Center during the first semester of their sophomore year.  Interested students may then enroll in a program of study in their junior and/or senior year depending upon program availability and the student's progress toward meeting all of the graduation requirements as detailed below. Students can register for a CTE program with their counselor during scheduling in the spring.

Sophomores must complete a CiTi Enrollment Form and meet the following requirements to enroll in a CiTi program for their junior year:

  • Pass 3 of 4 courses in English 9 and 10, Global History & Geography 9 and 10.

  • Earn at least 9 units of credit by the end of their sophomore year.

  • Maintain at least an 85% attendance rate for the current school year.

Juniors must complete a CiTi Enrollment Form and meet the following requirements to enroll in a CiTi program for their senior year:

  • Pass 5 of 6 courses in English 9, 10, 11, Global History & Geography 9 and 10, and U. S. History.

  • Earn 15 units of credit by the end of their junior year.

  • Maintain at least an 85% attendance rate for the current school year.

Students who sign up for a CTE program in the spring, but who do not meet the criteria for enrollment by the end of the school year, must contact their counselor to determine whether they may be permitted to attend.





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