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Classroom Expectations: 
I will be using a classroom system from Whole Brain Teaching. We also follow the behavior matrix and PBIS principles at Granby.
We are: Respectful, Responsible, Safe, and Ready to Learn. Our main classroom expectations are as follows:

Rule #1: Follow directions quickly.
Rule #2: Raise your hand for permission to speak.
Rule #3: Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.
Rule #4: Make smart choices!
Rule #5: Keep your dear teacher happy. 

For more on whole brain teaching, click here

Seating Arrangements:
Our Classroom will have semi-flexible seating. While most learning will occur at tables, in cooperative groups, students will have some options during independent work times. We will have small seats, large seats, scoop seats, carpet, small tables, desks, etc. to address individual student learning styles. This may be an adjustment for you and your child. In fact, this is a new venture for me as well, but I have seen success for first graders with student choice. In the same way that some adults prefer to read, write, compute, etc. while in bed, at the kitchen table, in an armchair, on the floor; I am attempting to provide your children with similar opportunities. 

-Students bringing money in for lunch, should bring it in an envelope or baggie that is labeled with their name. This will make it easier for students to quickly retrieve their money for lunch time. 
-Make sure to dress your child for the weather. Our lunch monitors try to get students outside in the fresh air as much as possible, even when it's chilly!
-Our lunch is 11:40 - 12:20. Parents are always welcome to come have lunch with their children. That being said, we hope to have at least one opportunity this school year for what we call Lunch & Learn. This will be a special lunch where the teachers and families are together for lunch and we hope you learn something new! I will give you our date(s) as soon as I have them so you can mark your calendar. :-)

Change of Clothes
Please pack a change of clothes that can be left in the classroom. Accidents happen. It's better to be prepared! 

Our lunch is perfectly scheduled right in the middle of our school day, so we are lucky! I plan to allow time at the end of day for students to enjoy a light snack while packing up to leave for the day. When we complete our unit on the human body, we will learn about the importance of good nutrition. Please help bring this learning to life by packing a simple, healthy snack for your child to eat. Examples would be: pretzels, fruit, cheese, vegetables, granola bars, cereal, etc. Thank you for your support!

There is nothing like a birthday when you are young!! We would love to celebrate your child's special day in the classroom if that is something that you and your child would like. You are welcome to send in a store bought treat for your child to distribute to his/her classmates. Please remember to send in napkins, plates, etc if the special treat requires these. If you would like to celebrate with your child, you are also welcome to come in and join us. Whether you are coming, or just sending in a treat, please try to contact me 1-2 days in advance so we can arrange it. I would like to plan a birthday celebration in lieu of snack at the end of the day, but we have several assemblies and special presentations throughout the year which may alter our schedule. 

Please do not have your child bring toys of any kind to school. Toys are so exciting at this age, however, they can cause huge issues with children. I cannot be responsible for toys that are brought into school, and every year parents and students are disappointed when toys are lost, broken, or taken by other students. Toys can also be a huge distraction from learning. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 





Brian Pulvino, Superintendent
129 Curtis Street
Fulton, New York 13069
Phone: (315) 593-5500

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