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Skills and Listening & Learning 
Please click the link  to see what your child is learning during Skills lessons as well as Listening and Learning lessons. You have access to everything your child has in school: big books, worksheets, read aloud anthology...       The skills modules also provide a remediation link if your child needs extra practice with reading skills such as: decoding, blending, fluency... 

Please remember for Skills instruction (9:00-10:00) your child might go to another teacher for instruction based on his/her needs. 

Math Practice Sheets and Homework

Below is the link for you to access Math Module worksheets. The worksheets consist of Sprints, Problem Sets, Exit Tickets, and Homework. You can also find 5 dot cards as well as other cut out manipulatives for you and your child to use. Please feel free to revisit prior lessons for practice and better understanding. If your child loses or forgets his /her homework, you can print the worksheet and return the next day. I recommend keeping track on a calendar the lesson number for the day (this can be found in the upper right hadcorner). We usually try to complete a lesson a day but unfortunately our schedules do not always allow this. I hope this helps alleviate any stress that may occur due to missing or ruined homework papers.

To obtain individual math lessons you can visit :




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