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Lanigan 2nd grade family immigration on display

For a recent Lanigan Elementary second-grade Listening and Learning unit on immigration, lessons were first learned at home.
In preparation of the school’s annual Second Grade Showcase, the students researched a country or countries where their ancestors came from and gathered information to create a display with fun facts about their family’s immigration history. Whether the families were pushed out of their home country by war or hunger or pulled into the United States of America by religious freedom or more opportunities, the second-graders were encouraged to hook their audience with interesting facts and visual creations.
As Lanigan staff members and students strolled through the school’s gym, which was set up much like a high school educational fair, the second-graders were poised and readied to share their research and family heritage. Andrew Becker was ecstatic to share the coordinates of places his family came from, including Machu Picchu, Peru, and Salim Saba spoke about the health benefits of the Dead Sea, which borders his family’s home country of Israel.
The colorful displays were met with enthusiasm from both the second-graders and older students and Lanigan teachers who all became engaged in family history and immigration conversation. Second-graders, such as Halina Cloe, shared how proud they were of their family’s journey to America. Cloe’s display included a journal she re-created with words and memorabilia from her family’s journey from Poland in the early-to-mid 1900s. Proud of her heritage, Cloe also treated attendees to “Sto Lat,” a song in Polish.

Halina Cloe proudly shows off her display on Poland during Lanigan
Elementary School’s annual Second Grade Showcase, which
focused on immigration and family history.





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