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Important Information From the Nurse's Office:

  • Medications administered at school must be carried into the nurse's office by an adult. The medication must be presented with a MD script indicating school hour administration, a written parental request for school administration and be in the original container; same rules apply for over-the-counter medication.

  • State laws prohibit us from giving any medication without a MD order.  School nurses do not have supplies of over-the-counter medications in their offices.

School Policy On Medication

For the nurse to administer any medication to a student during school hours, the following rules must be applied:

The nurse cannot give medications safely or legally unless these steps are followed

  1. Written permission from parent/guardian
  2. Written note/instructions from child’s doctor stating:
  • Name of medication
  • Amount of dose
  • Time does should be given
  • Length of administration
  • Diagnosis and/or reason for medication
  • Doctor/Provider signature
  1. Medication must be in pharmacy-labeled, childproof container.  Non-prescription medicine must be in an un-opened store package that will be kept here at school (ex – Tylenol).
  2. Parent/guardian brings medication to the nurse’s office

This refers to all medications, including over-the-counter (OTC) medications such as aspirin, Tylenol, ibuprofen, cough syrups, cough drops, etc.

Medicine should never be sent to school in plastic bags or containers; only in the original packaging.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

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