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Purchasing an instrument

Getting an Instrument

Purchasing vs. Renting

It is highly recommended that your child rent an instrument.  Music dealers come right to the school providing instruments and services weekly.  I recommend that parents do not buy an instrument from vendors who are not specifically music merchants.  I would like to caution you that these low cost instruments are usually also low quality. Some problems that we have run into with the low cost instruments are:
  1. The quality of these instruments is generally poor, and will cause playing problems for your child.
  2. Some of the local music stores often will not repair instruments purchased as stated above.
  3. When these instruments need to be fixed, the repair can be difficult. Parts may not be available, and the cost could exceed what you have paid for the instrument.
How to get an instrument:
Read all contracts carefully – Prices range by each company – Call for prices
  • Music and Arts: 315-409-0901   Located in clay behind Pier 1 imports
  • Mid-State Music: 315-349-7477  Located in Oswego in a large white house
Instruments rented from these two companies will be delivered to the school. I will be there to help your child with the proper handling the first time they see the instrument.  

Local music stores have new and used instruments to purchase.  They are all of good quality.  Any music store will let you try out an instrument before you buy.
  • Check out the websites tab to find local instrument companies
*Beware of E-bay!!  You may not know if you are bidding on a quality instrument.  If you choose that route, e-mail or call me, and I can give you some brand names to look for.  Please do not buy a Cecilio instrument without having me look at it first and you try it out!!!
School-Owned Instruments:
  • Your child will be put on a waiting list for a school instrument.  Please realize that your child may not be given one because there is such a limited supply.
  • Parents and students will be asked to sign a usage/maintenance agreement each year, before the instruments are distributed.




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129 Curtis Street
Fulton, New York 13069
Phone: (315) 593-5500

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