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Music Department Calendar

Fulton Music Department Calendar updates 9/6/2017

12        Volney Parent Music Meeting (BCO)                                   6:30pm            Volney Cafeteria

27        GRB Parent meeting                                                                5:30pm           GRB Music Room

19-21   GRB Fall Play                                                                            7:30 PM           GRB Auditorium
26        GRB wind ensemble & Symphonic Orchestra Concert    7:30 PM            GRB Auditorium

1          GRB Concert Band & Concert Orchestra                             7:30 PM           GRB Auditorium
3-4       Elementary All-County Band/Chorus Festival                 3-7pm/7:30-4pm         APW
3-4       Jr. High Area All-State                                                                                      Cortland         
17-18   SH Area All-State Music Festival                                                                    Dolgeville CSD
18?       Junior High All-county auditions                                                                   Mexico
20        JHS Winter 8th Grade Concert                                             6:30 PM           GRB Auditorium
29        JHS Winter 7th Grade Concert                                             6:30 PM           GRB Auditorium        

11/30 - 12/3   NYSSMA Winter Conference                                                              Rochester       
4          UPK Holiday Concert                                                              6pm                 GRB               
5          Lanigan Winter Concert                                                          6:30PM            Lanigan Cafeteria
6          GRB Orchestras Winter Concert                                           7:30 PM           GRB Auditorium
7          Fairgrieve Winter Concert                                                       6:00 PM          Fairgrieve Gym
7          GRB Choruses Winter Concert                                               7:30 PM           GRB Auditorium        
9          JH/SH orch, SH vocal/band All-County auditions                                         Central Square HS
11        Volney Winter Concert                                                            6:30 PM           GRB Auditorium
14        Granby Winter Concert                                                           6:30 PM           Granby Cafeteria
18        GRB Bands Winter Concert                                                    7:30 PM           GRB Auditorium

3          OCMEA Scholarship Auditions (snow date 4th)               7:00 PM           Oswego
12-13   All-County Secondary Band Festival                                                                 Phoenix

2-3       NYSBDA Music Festival                                                                                   Liverpool
8-10     GRB Musical                                                                            7:30 PM           GRB Auditorium 
14        JHS MIOSM 7th Grade Concert                                            6:30 PM           GRB Auditorium
14        JHS MIOSM 8th Grade Chorus + Jazz band                      8:00 PM           GRB Auditorium
15         “Celebration of  Jazz” Concert                                              7:30 PM          GRB Auditorium
20        Lanigan MIOSM Concert                                                      6:30 PM           Lanigan Cafeteria

21        Granby MIOSM Concert                                                        6:30 PM           Granby Cafeteria
22        Fairgrieve MIOSM Concert                                                  6:00 PM          Fairgrieve Gymnasium
22        GRB Chorus MIOSM Concert                                              7:30 PM           GRB Auditorium
23-24   All-County Orchestra Festival                                            2-8pm/9-4pm  Oswego
26        8th Grade Band MIOSM Concert                                       7:00PM           GRB Auditorium
26        GRB Bands MIOSM Concert                                                7:30 PM           GRB Auditorium
28        Volney MIOSM Concert                                                        6:30 PM           GRB Auditorium
29        8th Grade Orchestra MIOSM Concert                                7:00 PM          GRB Auditorium
29        GRB Orchestras MIOSM Concert                                         7:30 PM           GRB Auditorium
30        Volney Crunch Game                                                              7pm                Syracuse War memorial

9          High School Band Brass Bash                                                7:30pm            Syr. Univ.
13-14   All-County Secondary Chorus Festival                                                            Phoenix HS
16         Music Department Meeting                                                  3:10p-4pm      Junior High
18         STEAM Showcase GRB Music & Tech                                                     GRB Aud/cafe                                 

4-5       NYSSMA Solo Festival                                                                                      Mexico Middle School
9          Volney Mother’s Day Recital                                                  6:30 PM           Volney Cafeteria
10        7th + 8th Grade JHS Mother’s Day Recitals                        6:30 PM           JHS Cafeteria/Stage
16        GRB Bands Spring Concert                                                     7:30 PM           GRB Auditorium
22-23   NYSSMA Major Organization Festival                                8-4pm              Fulton-GRB
26        Fulton Memorial Day Parade                                                 10:00 AM        Fulton
30        GRB Chorus Spring Concert                                                   7:30 PM           GRB Auditorium
31        GRB Orchestra Spring Concert                                               7:30 PM           GRB Auditorium

5          JHS 8th Grade Spring concert                                                6:30 PM           GRB Auditorium
6          Lanigan Spring Concert                                                            7:00 PM          Lanigan Cafeteria
7          Fairgrieve Spring Concert                                                        6:00 PM          Fairgrieve Gymnasium
11        OCMEA Meeting (+band selection)                                       (4pm) 4:30pm  ???
11         JHS 7th Grade Spring concert                                                6:30 PM           GRB Auditorium
12        Volney Spring Concert                                                              6:00 PM          GRB Auditorium
13        Granby Spring Concert                                                             6:30 PM           Granby Cafeteria
14        JHS Jazz Band + Glee club                                                      6:30pm            Junior High




Brian Pulvino, Superintendent
167 South Fourth Street
Fulton, New York 13069
Phone: (315) 593-5500

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