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Granby 3rd graders learn about frogs

From New York to Kansas, videoconference technology has connected Granby Elementary School third-graders with the Lee Richardson Zoo.
In the midst of an academic unit on animal adaptation, the students participated in the interactive session where they excitedly asked and answered questions. Third-graders were able to correctly answer questions such as: “What group does a frog belong to?” and “What makes an amphibian an amphibian?” They reviewed interesting facts, such as: frogs breathe through their slimy skin, they’re cold-blooded, webbed-feet are frog adaptions and not requirements, all frogs go to water to lay eggs and fire-belly toads show their orange, red or yellow bellies to warn creatures to stay away from them.
Throughout the past several weeks, the third-graders have read non-fiction books and conducted other research about a type of frog of their choice. Students will continue to work on their projects and write a paper, make frog trading cards, a PowerPoint or a three-dimensional frog craft.
The videoconference connection was made possible thanks to the Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation’s Distance Learning program.




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