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Volney awards students who have shown empathy

Several Volney Elementary School students were recently honored for being empathetic throughout the month of December.
For their efforts, students received a certificate from Principal Todd Terpening and much applause from their peers and teachers during a school assembly. Principal’s Awards were given to the following star students: Aiden Neal, Khloe Mason, Seth Potter, Devin Catalone, Grace McEwen Brydon Taber, Juliet Schnall, Alektra Clark, Cassidy Maynard, Tyler Beeman, Conner Rowe, Ava Pelky, James DeCare, Joely LaPage, Ceara Johnson, Ellie Parkhurst, Austin Miner, Rhyle Humphrey and Leah Rowlee.
Also recognized were students who have achieved academic or behavioral success in their classroom. The “On a Roll” honorees also received a certificate from Principal Terpening and cheers from classmates and teachers. “On a Roll” recipients include: Charlotte Britton, Abel Eby, Gage Virgo, Nicholas Zufelt, Emilyn Moshier, Bella Vant, Travis Furlong, Tanner Ditton, Ayden Bigelow, Dylan Rogers, Holly Cornell, Noah Stock, Zyah DeMott, Sanastian Nastasi, Tyler Foley, Nathan Hutchinson, Xavier Contois, Michael Doney and Madison Baum.
During the awards ceremony, Principal Terpening asked students what it means to be different. He said students should keep that in mind as January approaches, as the virtue of the month will be tolerance. A few students shared with the student body how they are different and that they accept the diversity of others.
“Just because someone looks different doesn’t mean you have to bully them or pick on them,” one student said.
Terpening encouraged tolerance in January and throughout the 2016-2017 school year for all Volney Vikings.

Volney Elementary School Principal Todd Terpening, top left,
stands proudly alongside the school’s classroom role models for
the month of December. Absent from the photo is Austin Miner.

“On a Roll” model students show off their certificates, distributed
by Volney Elementary School Principal Todd Terpening, top left,
during a school assembly.





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