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Lanigan Elementary hosts blood drive

The Lanigan Elementary School first-grade-sponsored blood drive was a huge success.
The students spent several weeks learning about the human body, in preparation of the Oct. 25 event. First-grade teachers taught their students about different body systems and how they work together. To increase their comprehension of the topic, students created a wearable, mock human body out of a grocery bag, straws, baggies and construction paper, all of which collectively resembled the esophagus, heart, small and large intestines, stomach and functioning lungs. A surgical nurse also spoke to students about their blood and since the first-graders are not old enough to donate.
The first-graders also completed science experiments about different parts of the blood, and they acted as recruiters by writing letters to their family members, made a commercial with Library Media Specialist Jessica Somers and placed handmade posters throughout the school.
Several first-graders said they learned important facts throughout the past few weeks: the human body has two lungs, up to three lives could be saved per donation of blood and there are 206 bones in one’s body, among other facts.
Teacher Marie Mathes said students were also treated to a brief American Red Cross presentation, where Account Manager Rob Wasiel educated students about the importance of donating blood.
The student blood drive reached over 30 donors.

Below are some photos from recent blood drive prepearations:







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