Cafeteria role models at Fairgrieve

Several Fairgrieve Elementary School students were recently named Golden Spoon Award recipients because they exceeded expectations in the school cafeteria. Principal Jean Sampsell recognized the students during a Morning Express program, where their peers, teachers and guests applauded their efforts. Honorees include: Maddox Collins, Jersey Ryder, Eddie Ramirez-Abrams, Jamie Chappell, Tawnee Burns, Kaya Renfrew, MacKenzie Schopp, Cara Nelson, Brayden Wise, Izaiah VanBuren, Josalyn Taylor, Skye Thompson, Jada Barnwell, Hayden Lockwood, Skylar Crofoot, Kari Pagliaroli, Dawson Krause, Carleigh Patterson, Douglas VanSanford, Ralph Stacy, Xander Gioia and Angel Goodman. Absent from photo are: Lysinda Roberts, Damien Barker, George LaClaire and Valerie Nichols.