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3rd Grade Projects

3rd Grade Coiled Bowls

Students learned about Native American artist Maria Martinez of San Ildelfonso, New Mexico, who learned ancient and traditional methods of creating clay pottery. She created her own clay from the desert, she created pots using coils, she used slip and a polishing stone to create a smooth, glassy texture, her son used yucca leaves to paint a matte surface design on the gloss. She then traditionally fired her pots using flames outside. She burned wood and cow manure, then starves the fire of oxygen to create a chemical change in the clay that turns it jet black. We also learned about her great grandson Marvin Martinez, who still uses her traditional techniques today. We also drew illustrations of the processes of Maria Martinez. We laid clay coils into bowls, using them as a form. We smoothed the inside, wrote our names and scored designs on them. After bisque firing we glazed the bowls green or blue. 




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