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Out-of-this-world experience for Lanigan students

Lanigan Elementary School students recently traveled to space without even leaving the gymnasium.
An inflatable planetarium from the OCM BOCES Science Center was brought into the school to introduce students to the solar system, which is a part of academic units for first-graders and fifth-graders.
The younger students listened to stories nighttime as the starry nights and constellations were projected onto the sides and top of the inflatable dome.
“I can see a king; can you see that king there?” one student said.
During a visit from Karrie Schremp’s class, first-graders gasped when they saw a video explaining how it’s daytime on the side of the Earth that faces the sun. They also learned about the Earth’s axis and how it takes Earth 24 hours to spin around one time.
Fifth-graders, however, enjoyed a presentation about phases of the moon.

Lanigan first-graders learn about the Earth when they visited an
inflatable planetarium at school.





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