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Important Information about NYS Graduation Requirements

  • In New York State, students must earn one unit of credit in the study of a language other than English (LOTE) as part of their High School graduation requirements.  At FJHS, students earn that unit of credit by doing both of the following:
  • Completing and passing BOTH a Level 1 LOTE course in 8th grade.
  • Passing (with a minimum score of 65) the "Checkpoint A" final examination given at the end of the Level 1 course.
  • If a student fails the courses or the 8th grade final exam at the Middle School, he / she will not earn the unit of credit needed for High School graduation at that point.  Such a student will be automatically enrolled in a Level 1 LOTE course upon arrival at the High School.   
  • Students may also earn their 1 credit of LOTE by taking a Level 1 class at the High School and passing the course at the completion of the year.
  • To earn an Advanced Regents diploma, students can continue on a path to take up to Level 3.  Students must again pass the "Checkpoint B" final examination at the end of Level 3 in order to earn credit towards their Advanced Regents Diploma.
  • *Students who don't wish to continue on to level 3 can compelte their requirement by taking 5 credits, in Art, Music, Technology or Buisness at the High School level.




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