Instrument Info



Rent from a Local Music Store

Rental instruments include: Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone and Baritone.  


Rental Instruments can be delivered directly to the school.


Recommended Music stores:

  • Midstate Music of CNY Inc. Liverpool and Oswego

  • Music & Arts - Clay, NY

  • Empire Winds - North Syracuse, NY


*All rental contracts and payments need to be sent directly to the music store.  Miss Mata will not collect contracts or money. *


Local Music Stores have new and used band instruments of good quality to purchase.  


*Beware of online vendors. Brand new “cheap” instruments are usually very low quality and sometimes may not even play properly.  These instruments wear out quickly and break easily.*


Please communicate with Ms. Mata if you are interested in purchasing your child an instrument. There are recommended brands for each instrument.  


School-Owned Instruments

There is a very limited number of school owned instruments.  These instruments are either very big, and/or expensive.  


Parents and students will be asked to sign a usage/maintenance agreement before these instruments are distributed.


Student-Owned Instruments

If you already have an instrument, please have your student bring it into school as soon as possible.  I will look it over and make sure it is in working order, and let you know if repairs need to be made.