Volney Elementary
K-6th Grade Physical Education 2016-2017
TEACHER: Mr. Wallace                 EMAIL: dwallace@fulton.cnyric.org        LOCATION: Gym
                  Mr. Galini                   EMAIL: rgalini@fulton.cnyric.org

1. Personal Health and Fitness
Students will have the necessary knowledge and skills to establish and maintain physical fitness, participate in physical activity, and maintain personal health.
2. Safe and Healthy Environment
Students will acquire the knowledge and ability necessary to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment.
3. Resource Management (Community Resources)
Students will understand and be able to manage their personal and community resources
1. Be Respectful: Treat classmates and teacher as you would like to be treated. Be kind, listen, and follow directions. Respect the equipment and use it only as directed.
2. Be Responsible: Come prepared for class with athletic clothing: sneakers, tshirt, shorts/sweats. Report any injuries or other issues to the teacher. Be able to participate independently.
3. Be Safe: Be aware of your space and others personal space. Use equipment as directed. Follow all emergency procedures (fire drill/lockdown). Limit physical contact during activities.

This year you will have the opportunity to participate in many activities including team sports, individual sports, physical fitness, team building activities, and more. All lessons are aligned to the NYS Physical Education Standards and the Common Core Learning Standards for reading, writing, speaking and listening. Have a positive attitude, open mind, and be willing to try new or difficult activities!