LEVEL 1  (Checkpoint A)
Checkpoint A study of languages other than English is the beginning of the curriculum and is a graduation requirement for all students in New York State.  Successful completion of a level 1 class in 8th/9th grade earns the student 1 HS credit and meets a NYS graduation requirement.Assessment is based on the communicative approach in which the structure of the language is ancillary to, and yet supportive of, the primary goal of meaningful communication.

Checkpoint A:

  • emphasizes simple, selected sentence structures, not necessarily limited to the present tense;
  • sets the stage for oral and written communication for the beginning language learner;
  • fosters cultural understandings;
  • includes age-appropriate communicative activities, strategies, and goals that address the particular needs and interests of students;
  • encourages interdisciplinary connections; and
  • is the first step on the pathway to linguistic proficiency.

Success in this course and the final exam allow the students access to an Advanced Regents Diploma.


Level 4 LOTE courses are offered for college credit.  3-6 SUNY credits are available.