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Poets' Corner

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought
and the thought has found words."
                                                                                                                                            ~Robert Frost

To all the poets out there, here is a place where you can read some of our favorite poems from student poets to famous poets. There will also be links and videos to help inspire that creativity to help spark future poems of yours to fill
 our little corner of the world with poetry. 


The Truth
By Sarah Nichols

The truth is...
I love my pencils and pens,
That is all I need,
To create my masterpiece.

The truth is...
I love to paint,
Using all the colors;
Red, Orange, Yellow,
Green, Blue, Purple,
Black, White, Brown,
And Pink.
They are all so important to me,
They help me with my creativity,
My Passion, My Imagination.
They keep my love for art alive,
They create the person I am,
That can use scraps of old stuff
To create something new.
And now...
That I have all my supplies,
I can finally
Paint my own future.



By: Emily Cantrell

I sit alone
in a cage made of my fears
unable to speak
but then I see something
my friends and family
they gave me the key
now I can be free
from my cage of fear


By: Zackery Bennett

Are you small
Do you watch
when people are 
in despair? Do you
just stand there and 
stare? So are you
Small because I am 
I am as small as
a mouse in a house.

Do you watch
As someone is pushed
down. As they lie there
looking for help, you 
just walk right by
because you don’t
No you only 
care about yourself

You watch as they’re
pushed down, punched,
kicked, as you watch
them getting bullied.
you hear their plead
for help but you 
don’t help because you
would rather care for
yourself. Now who really
is the bully.


Her Deep Blue Eyes
By: M

Glance my way
Maybe you’ll find
what lays behind
those deep blue eyes

Don’t look too close
She runs and hides
You’ll be scared
of what you find

She has her friends
but every now and then
She turns and hides
And loses her mask

She fakes a smile
Maybe a laugh
nobody will know
what she’s thinking
what lays behind
those deep blue eyes
What lays behind 
that mask

Wearing long sleeves
Smiles and laughs
Plays and jokes
Hugs and claps
It’s all just pretend
It’s the mask she wears
behind those deep blue eyes


By: Annyka Halligan

Life is like an endless pool.
The more or faster you swim,
The more exhausted you are in the end.
People, Strangers on the sidelines yell at
You to swim faster but you are incapable.
Soon enough you notice, you are not 
The only racer. You try to catch up to
The others, you try to reach out, but are
Always one stroke behind. 



By Noah Morales

I wish, I wish 
upon a star, more than
anything, more than a car.
I wish I can go back
in time, regrets I want
to make. One regret is
that I can have my

old friend back. All the 
words, all the name 
calling, all of everything
I did. I wish, I wish,
upon a star, please give
me my Friend back. I will
do anything to get him back. 

By: Zackery Bennett

What’s school to you?
Is it a popularity contest,
a place to be cool or
do you just not care?
Is it a place of
opportunity and hope or
a place of hours of
dreadfulness as you
watch the clock

To me – School is a 
place of 
life long
experience. A place 
where I could spread
my wings and soar.
As I’m soaring
through the sky with 
the wind in my face
I see others spiraling
to the ground
but that won’t be me.
If I start to 
fall I will flap my
wings harder and soar
farther and higher.


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