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Welcome to Granby Elementary Music!

Kindergarten is an exciting year for our incoming five year olds!  They get to meet new friends, new adults and they are introduced to the wonderful world of special area classes!

Here is a month by month schedule as to what your 5 year old will be doing in music this year.

September;  This is our meet and great month!  We learn about the music classroom and the expectations for entering the classroom, sitting on the carpet, reading our daily agenda, sitting in the chairs, moving safely around the music room, and the correct way to play the classroom instruments.

October:  We are learning about our natural musical instrument, our voice.  We begin learning and distinguishing the difference between our talking, singing, calling, and whispeering voices.  We use these voices in various songs that we learn in class.  Songs are taught rotely so we can contribute to their auditory retention.  This is a very important brain skill that will have great impact on thier pheomic awareness which begins the journey into immergent literacy.

November:  Beat is the name of the game this month.  We learn to feel beat, move to beat, and play beat. We will be playing steady beat on hand drums.  Hand drums our the first of the five classroom percussion instruments that we will be learning about this year.   "Beat is the heart of music"

December: Our next family of classroom percussion instruments are the shakers.  We will be learning that the speed of the music can change.  We learn to describe the speed of the beat as Tempo.  We will be feeling, moving, and playing instruments to music with various tempos we will be able to describe the music as faster and slower.  

January: We begin learning to hear music as parts that make up a whole.  We become msuic detectives as we listen to repeated sections of music.  The woods family is the instrument family that we will be studying. We begin to prepare the processional music that we will be moving to during the royal parade that occurs in February.

February; Come see us at the royal parade as we process with our classes to the processional music that we learned in music class.  Our instrument family this month is the metals family.

March:  This month we learn that music can be loud or quiet(soft).  We learn to hear and move appropriately to dynamics in music.  We are introduced to our final instrument families; the scrapers.

April; It's appliction month!  We will be putting all of the insttrument families together to create music that has in ABA form.

Performance month!





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