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Course Outline

ENGLISH 10 Course Outline 
Welcome to English 10!
Course Description
This English 10 course is designed to meet the needs of all students and to help all students develop reading, writing, and communication skills.  A special emphasis will be on the development of 21st century skills as outlined in the New York State Common Core standards in order for all students to be college and career ready at the completion of high school.
Goals and Objectives
•         Improve reading comprehension skills using close reading strategies.
•         Think critically to correctly answer higher-level multiple choice questions. 
•         Expand vocabulary using a variety of techniques.
•         Improve understanding of grammar and usage skills.
•         Develop more effective listening and speaking skills.
•         Further develop writing skills.
•         Improve research skills in order to find reputable sources.  Cite those sources correctly. 
•         Develop and defend a claim using text-based evidence.  Address the counterclaim. 
•         Identify an author’s central idea.
•         Analyze how an author’s use of writing strategies develops the central idea.  
•         Collaborate effectively as a member of a group.
•         Continue to build the foundation to be college and career ready.

Course Expectations
These simple expectations will guide you to success.
1.         Come to class on time every single day.
2.         When the bell rings, be in your seat with your class materials.  Be ready to participate.   
3.         Complete and turn in all work on time.
4.         If you miss a class, get caught up as soon as possible.  
5.         Follow all policies and procedures as outlined in the student handbook.  Pay special

            attention to the dress code guidelines.
6.         Do not ask to leave the room for any reason unless you have your agenda.
7.         All electronic devices should be off and away. 
8.         Be respectful of everyone, everything, and every idea.
9.         Check your SchoolTool account often.
Course Materials
For this class, you will always need:
•           your agenda (You cannot leave the room without an agenda pass.)
•           a writing utensil, preferably a blue or black ink pen
•           a two-inch binder with five dividers and plenty of loose-leaf paper
•           a flash drive
Your grade will be based on the following grading categories:
•           Classwork/Writing (Short)/Homework/Quizzes/Participation                                    60%
•           Writing (Extended)/Projects/Tests                                                                                 40%
Please note that late work for any marking period cannot be accepted
after the last day of that marking period.




Brian Pulvino, Superintendent
129 Curtis Street
Fulton, New York 13069
Phone: (315) 593-5500

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