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Contact information: pburdick@fulton.cnyric.org
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Here are some useful links for Fulton City Schools and AP Chemistry:

http://www.fulton.schooltool.cnyric.org                                                               For access to grades
http://www.pearsonmylabandmastering.com/northamerica/masteringchemistry/     Website for online homework, classwork, and test review
http://www.sciencegeek.net/tables/tables.shtml                                                  A variety of Printable periodic tables

Textbook: Nivaldo Tro Chemisty: A molecular Approach 4th Ed. Pearson, 2017

This course is comparable to the 8 credit freshman 100 and 101 (first and second semester) course at most colleges.
The only course requirement is completion of Algebra I and first year chemistry (either honors or regular). A more important requirement is the willingness work hard. Keeping up with the work is essential to success.

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How to be successful in AP Chemistry
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