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Course Information

G. Ray Bodley High School PHYSICAL EDUCATION  

PE - 2 Credits Full Year course – every other day (REQUIRED for Graduation)  


Course Description:                                                                         

Physical Education is a required class for all students in public school in the State of New York. Two credits are required (.5 credits per school year) for graduation. Physical education is a class where students will develop psychomotor skills as well as learn about the necessary lifelong skills to enhance their quality of life through being physically active.  Throughout physical education students will be exposed to a variety of units including individual based as well as team based.  This will allow students to explore and discover activities that fit their personal levels of physical activity.

Course Attendance:

Students are expected to be in class, changed (See course materials) and ready to participate.  Students will be held responsible for the classes that they miss when not in school, out sick or on a field trip.   If a student knows ahead of time they are going to miss class they should speak to the teacher beforehand to arrange a time to make up the class(es).  Students can ask the Physical Education Teachers for a pre-signed pass to make up missed classes during their study halls.  If a student does not have a study hall they will need to speak with their PE teacher to see what other options are available. If a student chooses not to make up their missed classes it counts as a zero towards their grade.
***Extra students will not be permitted in phys. ed. class without a
pre-signed pass from a physical education teacher and will be asked to return to their assigned study hall.


Course Materials:

Sneakers that tie (preferred), t-shirt, athletic shorts, sweatpants, sweatshirt (active attire)


We do go outside as much as we can, please have weather appropriate attire as well.

Students will receive a locker from the PE staff that locks and they can keep their belongings in.  Locker combinations are never to be shared.

Course Expectations:

- Be respectful, responsible, and safe!


- Show respect at all times – to other students, teachers and equipment (Appropriate language, good manners, no talking while the teacher is instructing, self-control, cell phones away unless authorized by the teacher)

-ACTIVELY Participate in class

***If you are a student athlete and participate in Freshman, JV or Varsity sports, you need to change and fully participate in PE.

- At the end of the bell students must remain in the gym until the bell rings




Medical Excuses

If you receive a note from a doctor excusing you from Physical education for less than 10 days, then you discuss with your specific teacher at the time as to how you will get credit for those classes.  If you receive a note that excuses you from physical education for more than 10 days, then the nurse will start you on a Medical PE Contract.




Brian Pulvino, Superintendent
129 Curtis Street
Fulton, New York 13069
Phone: (315) 593-5500

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