8:40AM  Students enter - Ready to Learn The Community Grows Together!
9:00AM  SEL - Social/Emotional Learning
9:20AM  Literacy - Common Core skill-based learning
9:40AM  Daily 5 - Listen to Reading/Read to Self/Read to Someone
                             Word Work/ Work on Writing Independent Choices
10:00AM  Skill-based small group instruction/Guided Reading
11:00am  Lunch
11:40am  Differentiated literacy skills groups - ala ALL Kindergarten kids
12:20PM  Special Areas ( Media Center, Art, Physical Education, Physical Education, Music)
1:00PM  Listening & Learning Strand/Social Studies & Science
1:20PM  Math - Concepts of Learning/Math Cafe Independent choices
2:20PM  Gross Motor Play 
2:45PM  Snack - Body Refuel
3:15PM  Dismissal begins   The Community Continues to Grow Together!
                                        WHEW!! WHAT A BUSY DAY