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Expectations in the Art Room

Be Respectful

  • Use kind words
  • Use material correctly
  • Raise your hand
  • Share supplies
  • Take turns
  • Say please and thank you
  • Listen to directions

Be Responsible

  • Put your name on your work
  • Hand in your work
  • Follow directions
  • Clean up your supplies
  • Use your time wisely

Be Safe

  • Use kind words
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself
  • Use materials correctly
  • Stay seated and working
  • Walk in class
  • Pay attention to your surroundings
  • Listen to directions

Be A Problem Solver

  • Do your best
  • Stop, Walk, Talk
  • Let adult know if there is a problem
  • Speak up for yourself
  • Is what you're saying true? Is what you're saying necessary? Is what you're saying kind?
  • Learn, Excel, Achieve, Do your best!

What happens if a student makes a bad choice?

If a student is not following expectations but is still being safe, I will use 1 2 3 Magic. I tell the student "That's a 1." If a student gets to 3, the student leaves their work at their table and moves to a chair next to my desk to take a five minute break to cool down. They are not allowed to work or talk for five minutes. When five minutes are up, they are able to return to work on their own. If a student continues to make poor choices, they have to leave their work again for the rest of the art class, and sit quietly. I then write a minor referral for that student. If a student needs to speak an apology or write an apology to another student we do that too.
If a student's poor choices are more severe, they may receive a major referral and go to the office. These are generally choices that make the class unsafe for the student or other students. For more information on minors, majors, and pbis please refer to the district website.




Brian Pulvino, Superintendent
129 Curtis Street
Fulton, New York 13069
Phone: (315) 593-5500

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