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Tom Greer
Director of Personnel

P: (315) 593-5538
F: (315) 593-9206

Michele Doyle
Administrative Assistant 

Terry Nevin
P: (315) 593-5537

Fulton City School District
Attn: Personnel Office
167 South Fourth Street
Fulton, New York 13069

Q. What is required to apply for an instructional position with the Fulton City School District ?

  • A. There are two acceptable avenues to apply for instructional positions. 

    Candidates may complete the District application. Along with the application, we ask that the candidate include both a letter of interest and a current resume. Applications are available at the Education Center , Room 119 or can be downloaded from the District web site, completed and mailed to the Office of Personnel at 167 South 4 th Street , Fulton , NY 13069 . 

    For positions that arise during the course of a school year, we generally ask that candidates apply by sending us a letter of interest for the specific opening along with a resume and a reference list.

Q. Should I automatically send in my credentials and transcripts at the time I apply for an instructional position with the Fulton City School District ?

  • A. Although not required, credentials and transcripts are greatly appreciated and serve to provide a broader view of the candidate seeking an instructional position with our school district.

Q. If I want to become a substitute teacher, can I simply request to be placed on the District's substitute teacher list?

  • A. No. All substitute teachers, certified and non-certified, must apply as a substitute teacher, be interviewed and subsequently approved by the Board of Education. The District hires substitute teachers throughout the school year in order to maintain an active list of professionals to substitute for absent teachers and teaching assistants.

Q. How much education is required to become a substitute teacher with the Fulton City School District ?

  • A. The District employs both certified and non-certified substitute teachers. Certified substitutes hold a NYS teaching certificate or have the NYS application for certification in progress. 

    Non-certified substitutes are those who are pursuing a college degree whether in education or another professional field. Generally, non-certified substitutes are in their junior and senior years of college or have related experience qualifying them for substitute teaching.

Q. How would I go about becoming a tutor for students needing one-on-one instruction?

  •  A. All approved substitute teachers are eligible to tutor for District students. Tutoring assignments are made through the Office of Curriculum Development.

Q. Does the Fulton City School District utilize Teaching Assistants ?

Q. What is required to apply for a non-instructional position with the Fulton City School District ?

  • . Some non-instructional positions require the candidate to complete a District application and, if available, provide a letter of interest and resume. The following are typical positions that can be filled by application, without having to take a Civil Service examination: Teacher Aide/Monitor, Bus Driver, Bus Aide, Cleaner, Maintenance Helper, Grounds Worker, most School Food Service positions and any type of part-time or substitute position within these areas.

    Certain other non-instructional positions are filled under the City of Fulton Civil Service Regulations and therefore, require an initial application with the City of Fulton and an examination resulting in a list of eligible candidates for Civil Service openings. Civil Service positions include the following competitive job titles: Clerk, Typist, Account Clerk, Account Clerk Typist, Senior Account Clerk Typist, Food Service Manager, LAN Technician, and PC Support Specialist.

Q. Once I have applied, when will I hear from the Fulton City School District ?

  • A. Applications are received and maintained centrally by the Office of Personnel and are kept on file for one year with the option to renew for an additional year upon written request. Applicants selected from the pool of candidates that have applied for a particular opening will be contacted by telephone for an interview.

Q. How often should I apply for a position with the Fulton City School District ?

  •  A. That depends. All applications are maintained for one year and kept on file for an additional year upon written request. However, when openings arise, you may want to either update application materials you already have on file or send in an additional letter of interest, resume and reference list for a specific opening.

Q. Does the Fulton City School District hire teacher aides to work alongside the faculty?

  • A. Yes. Teacher Aides play an important role in the school district. Teacher aides do not provide instruction but do assist with bus duty, in the classroom, in the lunchroom, and outside with various activities. Teacher aides should hold a high school diploma or GED equivalent along with a strong desire to work with children of all ages and assist teachers and building administrators in helping provide a strong education for the children of the District within a safe and secure environment. Teacher Aides assigned to assist Special Education teachers and students provide an important function in meeting the needs of our special needs students.

Q. What duties do monitors provide for the school district?

  • A. Monitors are classified as Teacher Aide/Monitors. Monitors work at the entrances of District buildings admitting and releasing visitors and issuing passes. Hall monitors assist students, employees and visitors when classes pass, during regular instructional periods and after school.

Q. What types of school lunch or food service work opportunities does the Fulton City School District offer?

  • A. School Food Service Helpers work part-time assisting with the school lunch program. Most Food Service Helpers start out as substitutes and then bid on various food service jobs as those jobs become available. Such jobs include working in the kitchen, food preparation, serving and cashing. The District also relies on its Food Service staff to assist with banquets and other group food service needs.

Q. What is the best way to obtain an office or a clerical position with the Fulton City School District ?

  • A. Office and clerical positions are filled under the City of Fulton , Civil Service Regulations. Clerks and Typists fulfill the secretarial and filing needs of the main offices in each school building and at the Education Center . Candidates who possess good organizational, telephone, filing, typing, computer and general office skills will be most successful in these two types of office positions. 

    In general, Account Clerks and Account Clerk Typists fulfill the business, payroll, retirement and accounting functions at the District office level (some exceptions may apply). Candidates interested in office and clerical work should contact the City of Fulton , Department of Personnel at 141 South First Street , Fulton , NY for Civil Service Applications and examination announcements. Candidates who possess good skills with math, accounting, banking, recordkeeping, data entry, telephone, typing, computer and general office organizational skills will be successful in these three types of clerical business positions.

    Once an examination has been given, the City of Fulton establishes a list of eligible candidates to be interviewed for a clerical or office opening. The District then conducts interviews in order of examination scores.

Q. What type of custodial and maintenance positions does the school district have available?

  •  A. Cleaners, Substitute Cleaners, Maintenance Helpers and Grounds Workers are hired directly by the District. Civil Service Examinations are not required. 

    Upper level supervisory and management positions under the Custodial and Maintenance category do require the taking of a Civil Service examination to create a list of eligible candidates for the following job classifications: Supervising Custodian, Head Custodian, Senior Custodian, Custodian-In-Charge, Maintenance Supervisor, Maintenance Mechanic, Distribution Stores Clerk, Head Grounds Worker, Senior Ground Worker and Aquatic Supervisor.

Q. Does the school district hire its own bus drivers and bus aides ?

  • A. The Fulton City School District contracts for transportation needs with Golden Sun Bus Service. However, the District does maintain a small group of bus drivers and bus aides for transporting special needs students. Those interested in such positions should complete and send a District application including a letter of interest and a resume to the Office of Personnel.

    Although these positions do not require a Civil Service examination, prospective candidates must possess the proper motor vehicle operator requirements along with being able to meet on-the-job training and examination requirements.

Q. What types of technology and system support positions are offered by the Fulton City School District ?

  • . Prospective candidates interested in technology, network and system work opportunities qualify by taking Civil Service examinations for the following positions: LAN Technician and PC Support Specialist.

These two job classes require a broad range of knowledge with respect to computer hardware, software, computer network operations and other computer-related programs and functions.

Q. Does the school district have full-time or part-time nursing positions available for qualified nursing professionals?

  • A. Yes. The District employs Registered Nurses for full-time positions in each of it six school buildings. Registered Nurses are also employed as substitute nurses. Nurses play an important role in Fulton athletics and the Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics manages the District's nursing staff. To apply, Registered Nurses should complete and mail a District Application including a letter of interest and resume to the Office of Personnel.

Q. If I am interested in working for the summer only , what is the best way to apply for summer work?

  • A. Beginning in April through the first part of June of each year, the Office of Personnel accepts letters of interest and/or applications for the summer work program from existing employees, adults, college students and high school students. The summer work program includes positions for building cleaning, grounds maintenance, or temporary maintenance work. The actual number of staff required is determined by project needs, budget parameters and prior work experience with the District.

Q. Does the Fulton City School District hire its high school students to work after school hours?

  •  A. Yes. High School students interested in cleaning and custodial work during the school year should fill out an application and submit it to the Office of Personnel. The District's Supervising Custodian coordinates work assignments for students selected to work for the District after school hours.





Brian Pulvino, Superintendent
129 Curtis Street
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