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Technology Goals

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Fulton School District CDEP Plan Goals

The FCSD CDEP plan coordinates the district instructional programs, curricula, assessments, grant supported programs and policies and procedures toward the goal of ensuring student mastery of the NYS learning standards. The CDEP plan has identified the following over aching goals:

  • Increase the percentage of students receiving a regents diploma
  • Increase the percentage of students passing regents examinations
  • Increase the percent of students performing at mastery and advanced levels on the NYS assessments.

In order to have technology used effectively to support the instructional goals it is necessary to accomplish the following:

  • Universal availability of technology learning tools for students and teachers
  • Teachers will have the skills to effectively integrate technology into their classrooms to achieve improved student learning
  • Students will be proficient at using technology tools for information gathering, processing and knowledge construction.

Fulton City School District Technology Goals: Technology Plan for Years 2014-2017

Updated June, 2016

Goal 1: Integrate technology where appropriate to facilitate participation of information sharing, collaboration, and universal design for learning on the Internet throughout the curriculum and content areas to improve student achievement.
Objective: Teachers will create and implement instructional and learning opportunities that apply best practices in teaching with technology integrated throughout.
Objective: Teachers will utilize appropriate technology resources to support and enhance the District‘s curriculum and the NYS and the Common Core Learning Standards.
Objective:  Ongoing professional development programs and self-directed professional development opportunities will be provided that engage staff in the effective use of technology to improve their own productivity and improve student achievement.
Goal 2: All students, Pre-K through 12 Educators and staff will learn, use and take advantage of instructional technologies as powerful and concrete devices of teaching critical thinking and problem solving skills to prepare themselves for post-secondary education or the workplace.
Objective: Staff and Students will use technology resources to access, interpret, analyze, synthesize, apply, create and communicate information.
Objective: Staff and students will use technology resources to assist them in becoming information navigators, self-directed life-long learners, and effective communicators.
Objective: Staff and students will employ technology tools and resources to provide assistive technologies and equal access to curriculum for students of all abilities and disabilities and regardless of their native language. 
Objective: Staff and students will employ technology in the development of strategies for solving problems in the real world.
Objective: Staff and students will extend communication and collaboration with peers, experts and other audiences using telecommunications.
Objective: Staff and students will exhibit ethical behavior in the use of technology.
Objective:  Staff and students will demonstrate continual growth in technology skills to stay abreast of current and emerging technologies.
Goal 3: Connections between school and community will be developed through the use of technology to support increased academic achievement and technological literacy of students.
Objectives: Access to information, resources and instructional materials will be provided through the use of the many resources on the Internet.
Objective: Staff and students will use technology to communicate frequently and effectively with families and community members to support students in achieving their learning objectives.
Goal 4: Staff and students will have access to technology resources to ensure the timely, efficient, and effective delivery of electronic information services.
Objective: Up-to-date equipment, infrastructure, technology based subscriptions and software will be available to staff and students through the implementation of the technology plan replacement schedule, evaluation of and access to emerging assistive technologies and continuous evaluation of present and future technology needs.
Objective: Provide the technology, resources and infrastructure to support ever emerging technologies to enable efficient, effective and meaningful teaching, learning, research and communication. 





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