Fulton City School District LOTE Department


Mission Statement
The FCSD LOTE Department strives to promote cultural understanding and communicative abilities in languages other than English in order to prepare students for a productive role in our global community.

Student Outcomes

The students in our language classes will:
  • Develop skills necessary for listening, speaking, reading, and writing in a language other than English to meet communicative needs and aquire 21st centrury skills needed to thrive in a global economy.
  • Acquire the ability to use more than one language in culturally authentic situations for personal and/or professional purposes.
  • Develop cross-cultural understandings and an appreciation for cultural diversity.
  • Develop the ability to examine and think about situations and problems from different perspectives.
  • Develop the critical thinking skills and creative habits essential to the learning process.
  • Develop skills needed to work with a diverse population. 
  • Develop lifelong language skills and demonstrate the ability to apply them to their own language and to the study of additional languages.
  • Develop the technological skills necessary to access information which will enhance their linguistic and cultural awareness of the language which they study.