7 Green STREAM Team

Fulton Junior High's STREAM team MISSION is to empower students to be involved learners, critical thinkers and engaged citizens who are inspired by the world. Our PURPOSE is to support students in developing the skills necessary to meet or exceed national, state and local standards, and to become positive contributing members of society. Our primary FOCUS will be building a culture of students having fluent 21st century skills and career awareness. The advantage of the STREAM team is an increase in student motivation, encourages positive behavior, accelerated learning, expansion of peer groups, increase in collaborative skills with group tasks, avaliability of one to one technology for all students, promotes positive community connections and allows continuous student feedback. 


Each student has been provided with a Google Chromebook to utilize throughout the school day. Students will employ various Google Applications within their core content classes. 

Email contact information

Math Teacher: tparks@fulton.cnyric.org
Social Studies Teacher: ekoprosk@fulton.cnyric.org
Science Teacher: knoel@fulton.cnyric.org
English Teacher: wparks@fulton.cnyric.org
Special Education Teacher: tcaruana@fulton.cnyric.org
Special Education Teacher: mgroff@fulton.cnyric.org
ESOL Teacher: sturley@fulton.cnyric.org
Teacher Assistant: sgilliland@fulton.cnyric.org

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