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Welcome to Mr. White's Second Grade Page!

I am looking forward to another great year in Second Grade. As a former student of Fairgrieve Elementary, I am proud to be a member of this school community and to be allowed to work with the Fairgrieve Families. My co-teachers are Mr. Johnson and Miss. Ferlito along with Mrs. Degelorm, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. White and Ms. Pelcher who support our differentiated learning groups.

I have high expectations for my students and want to see them become successful. My goal with your child is not only to instill academic growth but also watch them become independent learners who are accountable for their own learning without fear of making mistakes. My overall expectation for them is to impress me each day they walk through the door. If at anytime you feel the need to contact please feel free to. With your support I know we will do great things for your child.

Drew White
315- 593-5550 ext.4206

Our Daily Schedule
8:45- Morning Express
9:00- Morning work
9:30- AIS Math Groups
10:30- Common Core Math whole group
11:10- Listening and Learning
11:50- Lunch
12:30- AIS ELA Groups
1:30- ELA Skills whole group
2:20- Specials
3:00-Study Hall
3:14 Dismissal

Every day our students will have Math and Ela Support for an hour. We call this our AIS times. Based on data that we review weekly, as well as, 5 week common assessments; our students are placed in small group settings based on their ability levels to get Math and ELA instruction. Students will also receive whole group instruction in these areas during the day.

To see the second grade Learning Standards for New York State:     NYLearns

Grading and Homework
Progress Reports will be sent home every ten weeks. Students will be assessed based on the learning standards for second grade. The scale for this is as follows:
1. Not Meeting Standards
2. Partially Meeting Standards
3. Meeting Standards
4. Meeting Standards with Distinction
N/A Not Assessed At This Time

Homework will be given to our students throughout the year. Often times some of this work is uncompleted assignments during the day. Students will be responsible and accountable for organizing their homework and returning it on time. Homework is not a punishment. I do not give work to give work. If there is work that is sent home it is because there is value to having them reinforce their learning, showing me the application of taught concepts and to also keep you informed of the daily concepts the kids are learning. If at anytime there is a level of frustration with the student or parent, please return the work unfinished with a note. 

Your child will be using technology everyday in my class. Listed below are several sites that the students will be using throughout the year. If your child has lost/forgotten their password please contact me.

Greg Tang Math
Class Dojo
Scholastic News
Raz Kids
National Geographic Kids





Brian Pulvino, Superintendent
129 Curtis Street
Fulton, New York 13069
Phone: (315) 593-5500

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