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Course Information and Syllabus


AP Calculus 2016-2017 with Mrs. Ryan
G. Ray Bodley Room 111

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0 and 1 Pre-Calculus Review 5
2.1 Derivatives and the slope of a graph 5
2.2 Rules for Differentiation 4
10.6 Newton’s Method 2
2.4 Product and Quotient Rules 5
2.5 Chain Rule 5
2.6 Higher Order Derivatives 4
2.3 Position, Velocity and Acceleration Functions, Freefall 5
2.7 Implicit Derivatives 4
2.8 Related Rates 5
3.1 Applications of Derivatives/Increasing and Decreasing 5
3.2 First Derivative Test, Extrema 5
3.3 Second Derivative Test, Concavity 4
3.4 Optimization Problems 5
3.7 Curve Sketching 5
4.1 Exponential Functions 5
4.2,4.4 e and ln 4
4.3,4.5 Derivatives of Exponential and Log functions 5
4.6 Exponential Growth and Decay 5
8.1,8.2 Review of Trig Functions and Radians 3
8.3 Graphs of Trig Functions 2
8.4 Derivatives of Trig Functions/ Revisit Chain, Product and Quotient Rules 4
5.1 Antiderivatives and Indefinite Integrals 4
5.2 General Power Rule for Integration 4
5.3 Integrals of Exponential and Log Functions 5
8.5 Integrals of Trig Functions 4
6.1 Integration by Substitution 4
5.4,A.8 Area and the First Fundamental Theorem of Calculus 4
5.5 Area Between Functions 4
5.6 Definite Integrals as the Limit of a Sum, as a Function and the Second Fundamental Theorem of Calculus 7
5.7 Volumes of Solids of Revolution 8
  Volumes of Solids of Known Cross Sectional Area 3
C.1, C.2 Differential Equations, Separation of Variables 4
  Slope Fields 4
8.6 L’Hopital’s Rule 1
  Review for AP Exam 12
6.2 Integration by Parts 5
6.3 Partial Fractions 5
  Project/Final 10

To the student:       
1.  Be on time for class.

2. Be prepared for class.You must have a writing utensil, a graphing calculator, your textbook, and a 3-ring math binder with four dividers for notes/handouts, homework, quizzes/tests, and review.Pay the fee for the AP exam on time (due in February).Take good note and ask questions.

 3.  Do the homework each night.  Practice is an essential part of learning mathematics and you will have about 30  minutes of math homework every night (3-4 hours weekly).   You cannot be successful at this level of math if you do not do the homework.  You should plan to work with others in study groups inside and outside of class. 
When you are absent from school, you will be allowed one day for each day you were absent to make up the work.You are responsible for finding out what you missed when you are absent and for turning in any worked owed.Good attendance is essential for success in this course.
When you are absent from class for music or a field trip, it is your responsibility to turn in the assignment that is due and pick up any handouts by the end of the day.If you do not, your grade will be a zero for that day’s work.
Our classroom code of conduct will be one of respect for one another.Acts that put down, embarrass, or disrupt others will not be tolerated. We will work together toward a goal of everyone being successful (score 3 on AP Calculus exam). Every student in the class will take the AP Calculus exam in May 2017.

7.  The grading policy for this course will be as follows:
10% homework       10% weekly review (FRQs)
40% quizzes            40% tests







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