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Raider robotics sees success: G. Ray Bodley High School students are robotics champions.   Both Raider Robotics Teams- 6911A Bucky Raider and 6911B Last Minute Rookie- received Tournament Champions Trophies and were awarded the Excellence Award at the 3rd Annual Liverpool VEX Robotics Competition at Liverpool High School.   Twenty-nine teams faced-off in the event, where high school students showcased their design, construction, programming, testing and redesigning skills. GRB students worked hard to meet this year’s Robotics and Education Competition (REC) Foundation challenge of Starstruck, which involved obtaining a higher score than the opposing alliance by getting stars and cubes across a fence into the scoring zone. GRB’s teams also worked collaboratively with Freezing Code, an Oswego ... more >>
Fulton schools encourages attendance improvements: As a new year approaches, the Fulton City School District asks for family support to help Fulton students improve school attendance.   The promotion of good attendance habits at every age and grade level will help students be successful as they grow.   Here are some important attendance facts to remember throughout the winter months: • Winter weather and children’s illnesses can take a toll on school attendance, but it’s important to ensure your child attends school every day possible. • Absences, even if they are excused, can add up to academic trouble. • Children who are frequently absent in kindergarten are less likely to read well by third-grade. By middle school, absenteeism can predict who will graduate from high school. • Make ... more >>
Granby 4th graders learn Colonial trades: Granby Elementary School fourth-grade teachers recently offered their students hands-on learning experiences when the children participated in Colonial trade activities.   The team brought together local craftsmen to educate the students on carpentry, leather working, quilting, spinning, shoemaking and butter making during the annual fourth-grade Colonial Trade Day.  Students listened to guest speakers share their love of the craft as they worked on the following activities: made a wooden helicopter toy, used a piece of leather to create a bookmark, helped make butter and worked together to create a paper quilt.   During the first half of the Colonial-American academic unit, students read much literature on the topic ahead of their Colonial trade research project. Each ... more >>
Computer games help Volney students sharpen math skills: Staff members at Volney Elementary School have used a computer game to increase student achievement and engagement during the 2016-2017 school year. Sumdog is an online learning environment where students answer math and reading questions specifically tailored to their needs and abilities. In several games, coins are earned for each question answered correctly. Those coins may be exchanged for avatar and housing accessories used in a student’s profile. The greater number of correct answers students achieve, the greater the virtual world they create. Volney fifth-grader Ceara Johnson said she has utilized the program both at school and at home to help sharpen her math skills. She and several other Volney students recently completed the school’s own Sumdog Challenge, where students ... more >>
Granby 3rd graders use videoconference to learn about frogs: From New York to Kansas, videoconference technology has connected Granby Elementary School third-graders with the Lee Richardson Zoo.   In the midst of an academic unit on animal adaptation, the students participated in the interactive session where they excitedly asked and answered questions. Third-graders were able to correctly answer questions such as: “What group does a frog belong to?” and “What makes an amphibian an amphibian?” They reviewed interesting facts, such as: frogs breathe through their slimy skin, they’re cold-blooded, webbed-feet are frog adaptions and not requirements, all frogs go to water to lay eggs and fire-belly toads show their orange, red or yellow bellies to warn creatures to stay away from them.   Throughout the past ... more >>
Lanigan 2nd graders help others on shopping trip: Lanigan Elementary School second-graders have made sure their neighbors won’t go hungry around the holidays. During a recent field trip to Tops, the students embraced empathy and compassion as they shopped for baby foods and breakfast, lunch and dinner items. The culmination activity to the student’s academic unit on community also provided lessons in wants versus needs and economics as they compared prices of nonperishable food items. Students selected cereal boxes, nutrition bars, jars of baby food, canned soups, boxed stuffing, and macaroni and cheese, among hundreds of other items to donate to Catholic Charities of Oswego County. Lanigan Elementary School second-graders, from left: Timothy James, Nicholas Ferraris, Dominic Saunderson and Koby Drake show off ... more >>
Inventors Unite at FJHS: The Fulton Community School’s Extended Day Program at the Fulton Junior High School has given seventh-graders and eighth-graders more than just fun after-school activities. It has also afforded students with an opportunity to learn more about themselves, as they worked through several hands-on tasks. During the program’s recent “Inventors Unite” session, students created either an art piece or an invention using at least one rubber band. A total of 16 students participated in the five-week session, where many of them took a personal problem or issue and turned into something positive and beautiful. Seventh-grader Kaitlyn Cayer created a handcrafted broken heart, half of which was painted blue to represent sadness and the other half was shiny red, showing love and ... more >>
FJHS holiday concert draws huge crowd: more >>
FCSD seeks participants for summer Writing Institute: The Fulton City School District and Team Sheldon at SUNY Oswego will once again collaborate to host the annual Oswego Writing Institute.   Teachers from throughout the region are encouraged to attend the professional development opportunity “Teaching Writing, Teaching Writers” on Aug. 14 and Aug. 15 in the Marano Campus Center at SUNY Oswego where they will learn current writing techniques to be more effective in their writing instruction.   Featured authors include Steve Sheinkin and Meg Medina. Teachers from Central New York, including some of Fulton’s own, also will present during the two-day workshop. Carri Waloven, FCSD Director of Literacy and UPK, said over 100 teachers are expected to attend the event.   For more information, email Waloven ... more >>
FCSD Athletes Receive Fall Honors: Several Fulton City School District varsity athletes received honors during the fall season for their many accomplishments. Athletes were recognized for both team and individual skills in their sport.   Varsity team awards and honors include: Boys Cross Country: first-place in the Freedom American League, first-place in the East-Syracuse-Minoa Invitational, four All-League honorees, Kenny Deloff placed fourth at the Section 3 Championship and 29 th at the New York State Championship meets Girls Cross Country: NYS Scholar/Athlete team and second-place in the Tully Invitational Football: 14 All-League honorees and placed third in the league Golf: NYS Scholar/Athlete team, two All-League honorees, the six-man squad qualified for sectionals with Hunter Hubel placing fourth and ... more >>
Fairgrieve 1st graders buy toys for the less fortunate: Fairgrieve Elementary School first-graders learned a lesson in giving around the holidays. Students in Lynne Field’s and Beth Hudson’s classrooms opted not to do a gift exchange for the holidays. Instead, they collected money from Fairgrieve staff members and local dentist Dr. Juan Lopez to buy items for the Toys for Tots program. The first-graders took a field trip to Walmart to purchase toys for boys and girls in need. Field and Hudson said their students were proud and excited to help other children. From left, Cloe McLoughlin, April Salisbury, Daymin Woodworth, Rebecca Johnson, Lyric Schlosser shop for Toys for Tots donations during a recent trip to Walmart where they joined other Fairgrieve Elementary School first-graders.   more >>
Fairgrieve students receive golden spoon awards: Several Fairgrieve Elementary School students recently received the Golden Spoon award for exceeding cafeteria expectations throughout the month of December. Honorees in the front row, from left, include: Austin Garn, Kevin Crowder, Kendall Todt, Brianna Wines, Jayden Miner, Kendra Runge, Jameson Hutchinson, Bently Oatman and Lucas Ketcham. Kneeling, from left, are: Kryan Fitzgerald, Braelyn Horning, Serenity Clark, Gabe Taylor, Mackenzie Bennett, Tacia Wolbert, Alyssa Durval, Brook McLoughlin and Hunter Devore. Standing, from left, are Principal Jean Sampsell and students: Ariel Ruggio, Ciara Dillingham, Logan Spoon, Grace Hutton, Kaiden Jardin and Caitlyn Searor. Not pictured are Brooklyn Bean and Frank Sullivan.   more >>
Empathy shown at Fairgrieve Elementary: One student from each classroom at Fairgrieve Elementary School recently received a Virtue of the Month award because they exhibited empathy in December.   For their efforts to understand people’s feelings in their classroom and in the hallways, the honorees received a “brag tag” to add to their collection. They also received applause and praise from peers, teachers and guests during a Morning Express program.   Sitting, from left, are: Alivia Ruscitto, Ralph Paro, MacKenzie Orton, Tawnee Burns, Kendall Todt, Aizlyn Adkins, Ally Mesick and Jacob Morrison. Kneeling, from left, are: Matthew Clark, Valerie Nichols, Chloe Pillans, Isaiah Pitcher, Joshua Fredenburg, Zoe Bechtel, Sandra Wittmann and Paige Smith. Standing, ... more >>
Fairgrieve names December expectation experts: Students who exhibited being safe, responsible, problem-solvers and respectful throughout the month of December were recently named expectation experts. The recognition came during a Morning Express program where Principal Jean Sampsell thanked all 26 recipients for setting a wonderful example for their peers. For their efforts, the students received a commemorative pencil and a “brag tag” to add to their collection. The Fourth Grade Glee Club also performed “Reach Out” in sign language as they sang along to the tune about empathy and trying to understand how people feel. Pictured in the front row, from left, are expectation experts: Olivia Rivera, Nathan Longok, Adrianna Viscome-Rice, Parker Killmeyer, Jeremy Wright, Brandon Stoltz, Jameson Hutchinson, Darren ... more >>
Fairgrieve names most improved students for December: Several Fairgrieve Elementary School students were recently named most improved for the month of December because they made academic and/or behavioral strides.   For their efforts, they received accolades during a Morning Express program.   Kneeling, from left, are: Skye Thompson, Joseph Foley, Jamie Chappell, Elijah Howell, Matthew Tice, Rose Douglas, Jacob Clark, Gemma Calkins, Kyleigh Pearson and Francis Davis. Kneeling, from left, are: Aaron Doran, Gage Brown, Gabe Taylor, Karina Santana, Bianna Vandelinder, Micah Collins, Lloyd Pierce and Joseph Sellin. Standing, from left, are Principal Jean Sampsell and students: LeAnn Lewis, Benjamin Clements, Logan Spoon, Dominique Bentley, Ashlyn Bonnell and Morgan ... more >>
Pre-K ornament day at Granby Elementary: Granby Elementary School pre-kindergarten students spread holiday cheer and met learning targets during a recent ornament craft day. Pre-K teacher Sondra Pratt said Common Core standards were reached when students created triangle-shaped reindeer and Christmas tree ornaments out of popsicle sticks, salt dough ornaments after they measured ingredients, and patterns by making red and white beaded candy cane decorations. Other learning targets included fine motor skills as they put the holiday crafts together. Together, with their relatives, the young students enjoyed refreshments and wrote letters to Santa Claus. Granby pre-kindergarten student, Brandon Ostman, right, paints a handmade salt dough ornament during a craft day as his mother, Kelsey Brush, left, assists.   more >>
Volney awards students who have shown empathy: Several Volney Elementary School students were recently honored for being empathetic throughout the month of December.   For their efforts, students received a certificate from Principal Todd Terpening and much applause from their peers and teachers during a school assembly. Principal’s Awards were given to the following star students: Aiden Neal, Khloe Mason, Seth Potter, Devin Catalone, Grace McEwen Brydon Taber, Juliet Schnall, Alektra Clark, Cassidy Maynard, Tyler Beeman, Conner Rowe, Ava Pelky, James DeCare, Joely LaPage, Ceara Johnson, Ellie Parkhurst, Austin Miner, Rhyle Humphrey and Leah Rowlee.   Also recognized were students who have achieved academic or behavioral success in their classroom. The “On a Roll” honorees also received a certificate ... more >>
Granby 6th graders enjoy Greek mythology videoconference: Videoconference technology recently allowed Granby Elementary School sixth-graders to explore the Greek mythology collection at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Facilitated by Melissa Daniels, Distance Learning Coordinator at the Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation, the video chat enabled students to compare Greek and Roman mythology, Disney mythology characters to historical references and reasons why mythological events occurred. Several students also shared their favorite facts and asked the following questions: What drove Hercules mad? Did Hercules defeat Medusa before or after the Hydra? Who decided Hercules needed to be punished? Sixth-Grade Teacher Michelle Pinkevicz said the video connection coincided with the students’ current English Language Arts unit, ... more >>
Lanigan Elementary students receive empathy awards: Two dozen students at Lanigan Elementary School were recently honored for identifying with other people’s concerns.   Principal Jeff Hendrickson congratulated each Virtue of the Month recipient and thanked them for showing empathy in their classroom and the school hallways. Each teacher honored one student from their classroom because the children exhibited sincerity to friends, defended others, were concerned about the wellbeing of others, offered hugs or encouragement and genuinely listened to others.   Empathy award winners include: Taylor Jodway, Jordyn Moon, Samantha Moon, Mason Fuller, Owen Dumouchel, Colin Moon, Jacob Atwater, Isriella Towle, Devon Hamilton, Arianna Dumas, Shyanne Burnswick, Kiley Pudney, Liam Green, Abe Gallagher, Addison Barrick, Avery Evans, ... more >>
Fairgrieve reaches school-wide goals: Students at Fairgrieve Elementary School have worked hard throughout the first marking period to surpass school-wide math, behavior and attendance goals. Ariana Suhr, Fairgrieve’s School-Home Liaison, shared the 10-week update during a recent Morning Express program at the school where she lauded the students for their accomplishments. Throughout the 2016-2017 school year, the school-wide attendance goal is for 90 percent of students to attend school 90 percent of the time. Students in grades kindergarten through six were right on target for that. The behavior goal is for 90 percent of the student body to have one major referral or none; that percentage is now 98. Suhr said the Math and English Language Arts goals are based on Star testing data from students in grades second ... more >>

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