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History of Fulton lives on, thanks to GRB students: Fairgrieve Elementary students who demonstrated mush effort throughout the month of May were recently awarded the school’s Virtue of the Month award.   The recognition came during a Morning Express program where the students were praised by Principal Jean Sampsell for their determined attempts to succeed academically and behaviorally.   “Certainly we want to see that through the last day of school,” she told the entire student body.   For their efforts, award recipients received a “brag tag” to add to their collection, followed by thunderous applause from guests, teachers and classmates. All assembly attendees were treated to the school’s Fourth Grade Glee Club performance of “I Was Here” about people taking a lot ... more >>
Fulton 6th graders honor Carlton W. Barrett: If there’s one lesson Fulton City School District sixth-graders learned during a recent school lesson, it was to never forget the accomplishments of Fultonians who helped shape the course of history.   One courageous man who did just that, they learned, was Carlton W. Barrett who received a Medal of Honor citation for his bravery on D-Day in World War II when he swam wounded soldiers out to evacuation boats. On the beaches of Normandy France, Pvt. Barrett found himself under fire and he disregarded his three shrapnel and bullet wounds to help others survive. A blast had shattered the bones in his foot and he was evacuated off of the beach.   It was that account that inspired FCSD sixth-grade teachers to put together a mini Medal of Honor academic unit to teach the young ... more >>
Fairgrieve lauds college and careers: At Fairgrieve Elementary School, it’s never too early for students to prepare for their future.   That was the message students in grades kindergarten through six learned recently as they experienced a week-long celebration all about colleges and careers. School-Home Liaison Ariana Suhr said the fourth annual event was a huge success and helped students learn college lingo, alternative educational choices and career opportunities.   During the fifth-grade and sixth-grade culmination activity of a College and Career Day, the older students utilized a passport to venture to three career sessions where they became encouraged and inspired by a variety of professionals. Another highlight was the college fair in the school cafeteria. The students were engaged in the activities, ... more >>
Lanigan 2nd grade family immigration history on display: For a recent Lanigan Elementary second-grade Listening and Learning unit on immigration, lessons were first learned at home.   In preparation of the school’s annual Second Grade Showcase, the students researched a country or countries where their ancestors came from and gathered information to create a display with fun facts about their family’s immigration history. Whether the families were pushed out of their home country by war or hunger or pulled into the United States of America by religious freedom or more opportunities, the second-graders were encouraged to hook their audience with interesting facts and visual creations.   As Lanigan staff members and students strolled through the school’s gym, which was set up much like a high school educational ... more >>
Current, former Lanigan students form unbreakable bond: Lanigan Elementary School has facilitated more than just academic and behavioral successes during the 2016-2017 school year, as an unbroken bond and a forever friendship recently blossomed between a current and former student.   The on-a-whim meeting occurred during a recent visit to a doctor’s office where former Lanigan student Tim Conners passed Lanigan first-grader Liam Kent. Kent recognized Conners for his tall stature and accompanying guide dog, Lang. It was in Kerrie Schremp’s first-grade classroom that Kent learned about Conners’ MounTimPossible mission: with the help of the K2 Adventures Foundation and several supporters, Conners aimed to share his story of hope as a blind cancer survivor making his way to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. ... more >>
Fairgrieve students receive academic honors: Several students at Fairgrieve Elementary School were recently honored for their academic excellence throughout the third quarter of the 2016-2017 school year.   All students received special recognition during a Morning Express program and were encouraged by Principal Jean Sampsell to finish strongly in the fourth and final marking period. The following students were honored for this achievement:   Kindergarten: Chase Ilacqua, Darren Rockwell, Alina Smale, Aviana VanSanford, EvanWeaver, Maddox Collins, CadenKelsey, Maximus Martiny, McKenna Twomey, MacKenzie Orton, Corbin Burns, Karson King, Arianna Richardson Heaney, Brandon Stoltz, Brianna Wines, Cohan Humphrey, Max McGinley, Logan Race, Henry Taylor, Lilyana Loftus and Aiden Benton.   First grade: Tristan Caruso, ... more >>
History of Fulton lives on, thanks to GRB students: Fulton’s tagline once was “the city with a future.”   The community flourished and citizens were proud of their surroundings. While that heart of Fulton may seem lost to some people over the past few decades, Fulton City School District students have teamed up with the Wisdom Thinkers Network to re-ignite that passion for an even brighter future.   Under the guidance of Ralph Singh, CEO and chairman of the Wisdom Thinkers Network, GRB English teacher Ami LaDuc and GRB English Department chairwoman Danielle Florio, several GRB students recently shared their oral history presentations on the City of Fulton. The event featured food donated by the Blue Moon Bistro that was offered during a community meal, which also symbolized family as Fultonians from various ... more >>
Fulton students hear history from Holocaust survivor: Fulton City School District students in grades five and six learned an important lesson in history when Holocaust survivor Marion Blumenthal Lazan recently spoke to the large group: spread the message before the history is forgotten.   That heartfelt sentiment is what will keep the memory of the six million Jews alive who were killed in Hitler-ruled Germany. Lazan shared her story of growing up in concentration camps, where she often was hungry, cold and separated from her brother and father. It was the strength, persistence and will to live she received from her mother that helped keep her alive.   The Fulton students learned that Lazan has shared her story to thousands of children over the past 20 years so they hear a first-hand account of the deplorable conditions, disease ... more >>
Fulton Teachers’ Association honors students: Dozens of Fulton City School District students in grades kindergarten through 12 were recently recognized as outstanding students and school citizens.   The annual ceremony opened with a warm welcome from G. Ray Bodley High School Principal Donna Parkhurst and FTA Executive Vice President Karen Noel before FTA President David Derouchie offered remarks. Honorees and guests were treated to a comedic speech by GRB seniors David Houck and Jeremy Herlowski, who also were award recipients. All jokes aside, the pair offered advice for the younger students, including to get more involved in their school and community.   “Challenge yourself,” Houck said. “The work does not end here. Use these talents to better the world around you.”   The annual ceremony, ... more >>
Lanigan 5th graders learn segregation history of baseball: Before today’s crowded ball parks, rooting for the home team and keeping score, Lanigan Elementary School fifth graders learned America’s favorite hobby of baseball had a dim past.   The history of the game was revealed during a recent videoconference between Caitlin Melvin’s classroom and the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. In the midst of an academic unit on sports and American culture, the connection offered Lanigan’s fifth graders insight on breaking Civil Rights barriers.   After a virtual tour of the museum, the students listened to a representative discuss the role of Jim Crow Laws, racial segregation, the Negro Leagues (which existed from the 1920s to the 1960s) and how Jackie Robinson came to be one of the most well-known baseball ... more >>
FJHS 8th graders begin transition to high school: While current Fulton Junior High School eighth graders won’t become high school freshmen until the fall, the transition from FJHS to G. Ray Bodley High School has already begun.   The GRB administrative team and freshmen counselors welcomed the future GRB class of 2021 during a recent eighth-to-ninth grade transition night at the high school. Students and their families learned about diploma requirements, academic requirements for the National Collegiate Athletic Association, the chain of command for high school issues and the registration process for freshman courses.   Following the information night, all FJHS eighth graders toured GRB to get a first look at where they will study during the 2017-2018 school year. Students excitedly viewed where their freshmen classrooms ... more >>
Granby UPK students celebrate mothers: Good foundations begin at home, and because of that, Granby Elementary School Universal Pre-Kindergarten students showed thanks during a special Mother’s Day celebration.   Students in both the morning and afternoon pre-k classes worked hard to learn “M-O-M-M-Y” (sung to the tune of B-I-N-G-O) and “Skinnamarinky Dinky Dink” before they performed it during the recent event. After students delivered handmade cards and hand-colored pots with bean plants in them to their moms, they visited activity stations to bond more with some of their biggest supporters. Together, the UPK students and their moms decorated heart-shaped sugar cookies and made bracelets out of pipe cleaner and colorful beads.   After an exchange of hugs and “I love you”s ... more >>
GRB students receive NYSED scholarships: The New York State Education Department recently honored seven G. Ray Bodley High School students with college scholarships because of their academic achievement.   Each recipient received an award letter from NYSED Commissioner MaryElen Elia, who joined the New York State Board of Regents in congratulating the GRB students on their success. A Scholarship for Academic Excellence (SAE) in the amount of $1,500 was awarded to Ethan Wright, while the remaining SAE’s with a monetary award of $500 were awarded to Trent Berry, Miwa Burdic, Andrew Yankowsky, Aryelle Barbagallo, Megan Nicholson, Philip Summerville and Paige Rowlee.   Commissioner Elia noted in her letters that the students will receive the monetary awards once the state budget process is complete and funds are ... more >>
Fairgrieve names most athletic students: Several Fairgrieve Elementary students were honored as Most Athletic in their classes during a recent Morning Express program at the school.   Physical education teachers Kevin Ahern and Corry Zion commended all recipients for their hard work and dedication to physical fitness throughout the 2016-2017 school year. For their efforts, students received a certificate of recognition, followed by cheers and applause from classmates, teachers and guests.   Seated, from left, are honorees: Brodie Maliszewski, Andie Kerr, Logan Race, Travis Collins, Kendall Todt, Brayden Hoegler, Mason Shatraw and Micael Noel. Kneeling, from left, are” Ralp Pero, Alivia Ruscitto, Javante Ramacus, Dante Heaney, Joseph Foley, Landon Poushter, Myleigh Hayward and Brock Bowering. Standing, from ... more >>
Pen pals help Granby 1st graders learn new skills: Judith Rowe’s first-grade students at Granby Elementary School recently travelled – virtually -- to Hawaii to meet the pen pals who helped them learn new academic skills.   The first-graders wrote emails to sixth-graders at the St. Theresa School in Honolulu, Hawaii, since the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year. Through their correspondence, new friendships has blossomed. The youngsters also discovered their expertise in Venn diagrams, as they compared and contrasted Fulton to Honolulu.   Rowe said the pen pal lesson spread across various curriculum, including a Listening and Learning component on comparing and contrasting, habitats and learning about Earth. The opportunity has also encouraged work on the first-graders’ writing skills. All typed communications ... more >>
Fairgrieve students receive self-control awards: Fairgrieve Elementary students who exhibited self-control throughout April were recently honored with the school’s Virtue of the Month award.   One student from each classroom was selected by their teacher for the award, which proved the children displayed the ability to control themselves, including their emotions and expressive behavior in their class and throughout the school. For their efforts, each awardee received a “brag tag” to add to their collection and praise from classmates, teachers and guests.   Principal Jean Sampsell said all recipients embodied the message of the song “Inside Out,” as sung by the Fourth Grade Glee Club during a recent Morning Express program. Directed by music teacher Hope Lawton, the club’s upbeat performance ... more >>
Granby 1st graders seek donations for pets in need: As part of a recent Common Core unit about animals and their habitats, Granby Elementary School first-graders learned the importance of animal food sources.   They also became aware of the nutritional needs of domestic animals or pets who have no owner. With the help of their teachers, the first-graders sprang into action with a project-based learning activity of collecting dog and cat food, toys and cleaning supplies. Items will be collected until Friday, May 5 when they will be delivered to PAWS Across Oswego County, an organization which rescues and fosters cats and dogs until they are matched with a forever home.   Representatives from the non-profit group recently visited the first-grade groups in the library media center and shared stories about their rescue animals, ... more >>
April’s expectation experts named at Fairgrieve: Fairgrieve Elementary School Principal Jean Sampsell recently congratulated Fairgrieve Elementary School students who were honored for their commitment to remain good school citizens.   The select group of students were honored during a recent Morning Express program, where Principal Sampsell presented them with an Expectation Expert award after they were recognized by their classroom teacher for having exceeded expectations in the classroom throughout the month of April. For their efforts, students received a “brag tag” to add to their collection and cheers from classmates, guests and school staff members.   Honorees sitting in the front row, from left, are: HayLeigh Lenz, Autumn Tussey, Kendall Todt, McKenna Twomey, Lilyana Loftus, Jayden Miner, Jersey Ryder, ... more >>
Positive behaviors, goals celebrated at Volney: Volney Elementary students who demonstrated their ability to control their emotions and behavioral expressions, particularly in difficult school situations, recently received the school’s Principal’s Award.   Principal Todd Terpening presented one student from each classroom with a certificate of recognition during a recent assembly because they exhibited self-control, Volney’s virtue of the month for April. He said each recipient has proven that just one person can make a difference and commended them for being classroom role models.   Awardees include:  Heath Turner, Sophie Brewster, Lacey McClure, Isabella Wood, Brooke Bowering, Gracyn Cantine, Jose Vosseller, Travis Pitcher, Aiden Grant, Julian Graziano, Nazzerene Donalson, Cassie Clarke, Gracie ... more >>
GRB announces 3rd quarter honor roll statuses: Students at G. Ray Bodley High School who achieved honor roll and high honor roll status were recently recognized for their third quarter achievements. High honor roll status was awarded to students who achieved a cumulative grade point average of 89.5 or higher, while honor roll status was awarded to students with a cumulative grade point average between 84.5 and 89.4.                                                                 Freshmen who received honor roll status include: ... more >>

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