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Fire prevention week brings lessons to Volney: Sometimes education at Volney Elementary School occurs outside of the classroom, and that’s what transpired during a recent visit from the Volney Volunteer Fire Corporation.   In honor of National Fire Prevention Week, a handful of volunteer firefighters educated students from grades pre-kindergarten through six on the following basic measures: never hide during a fire because firefighters need to see where people are, if trapped in a room stay near the door or a window, never go back inside for an animal or toy, smoke detectors should be placed high and people should go low while exiting to a safe meeting place.   One of the most important tips Chief Adam Howard had for students was to memorize their address because if they utilize a cellular phone to call 9-1-1, they ... more >>
Fairgrieve names respectful school citizens: Fairgrieve Elementary School celebrated several, of its respectful students during a recent Morning Express program.   One child form each kindergarten through sixth-grade classroom was honored by their teacher for making a difference in their classroom by being shining examples of respectful school citizens throughout the month of September. Guests, teachers and classmates cheered and applauded as Principal Jean Sampsell called each recipient by name.   “We are very proud of you,” Sampsell said, before the students posed for a photograph and were awarded a “brag tag” for their efforts.   Attendees were also treated to the first Fourth Grade Glee Club performance of the year. Participants sang “Show Me Some Respect,” a tune about ... more >>
Archery lesson hits the target @ FJHS: Fulton City School District seventh- and eighth-graders recently spent three weeks perfecting skills in order to reach their targets – in archery that is.   The Fulton Junior High School students broadened their opportunities to do a different activity, thanks to Physical Education teacher Scott Blackburn who brought the three-week session back to the building within the past year. Basic archery concepts learned include: safety rules, nocking the arrow on the bow string, gripping the string, standing correctly with feet shoulder-length apart, making sure one’s shooting arm is in the proper position, aiming at the target and then releasing the arrow.   Blackburn, an avid sportsman and bow hunter, said the class has provided excitement and new challenges, which ... more >>
Fairgrieve 1st graders create kindness rocks: Fairgrieve Elementary School students in Lynne Field’s first-grade classroom are creating kindness one sparkly rock at a time.   The youngsters recently spent some time talking about positive gestures that help create better communities and so Field suggested her students paint colorful designs with nice messages on them to be hidden throughout the greater Fulton community. She said the community building effort is just one example of many which will occur in her classroom throughout the 2017-2018 school year.   Field said several of her students were ecstatic to participate, as they have become familiar with the effort by painting rocks with family at home and hiding them for others to find. Students took their rocks home to hide in their neighborhoods in hopes of ... more >>
Videoconference teaches 1st graders gross facts: Gross!   That was the initial reaction from several Lanigan Elementary School first-graders during an interactive videoconference all about the human body. Students learned how different bodily functions help people maintain healthy bodies. Without those vital, yet not-so-dainty functions people could become ill.   The first-graders were glued to the presenter through video connection when he talked about how food gives bodies energy and it has to be chewed up well before it’s swallowed. A few excited volunteers showed how saliva helps break down food, as they chewed up- and then spit out- cheddar crackers so their classmates could see the before-and-after effect.   Giggles and groans were heard in the library media center as students learned that stomach acid ... more >>
Expectations exceeded in September at Fairgrieve: Fairgrieve Elementary School students who exceeded classroom expectations throughout the month of September were recently honored during a Morning Express program.   Principal Jean Sampsell recognized several students as following classroom rules and being safe, responsible and respectful school citizens. For their efforts, awardees received a commemorative pencil and a “brag tag” to add to their collection. Their peers, teachers and guests also offered cheers and applause.   From left, in the front row, are: Rosalea Brais, Corbin Burns, Andie Kerr, Ava Corradino, Aalyah Bury, Jersey Ryder, Olivia Gonzales and Henry Keltz Primeau. In the second row, from left, are: Matthew Tice, Michael Noel, Adrianna Viscome-Rice, Jiselle Alvarez, Javante Ramacus, Olivia Tussey, ... more >>
Respectful students honored at Volney Elementary: Several Volney Elementary School students were honored for being respectful school citizens throughout the month of September.   The honorees were recognized as classroom role models during a school assembly, where Principal Todd Terpening congratulated the students on being selected by their classroom teacher for the accomplishment. The students also received a Principal’s award and thunderous applause for their efforts from teachers, classmates and guests.   Respect award winners are: Kinsley Shortslef, Alyvia Williams, Dalton Burns, Sophie Brewster, Mac Morey, Elizabeth Blake, Lila Thurlow, Collin Denson, Walker Doney, Callen Cowden, Carter White, Xavier Wicks, Emma Hutchinson, Collen Austin, Ava Pelky, Colten Norton, Nasir Noel, Laura Bartlett, Collin Cunningham ... more >>
FJHS Extended Day program serves up fun: A little bit of fun, hands-on learning opportunities and skill enhancements are just some of the rewards local students experience through their participation in the Fulton Community School Extended Day program.   The real honor, according to Resource Coordinator Janice Scott, is seeing the students grow, mature and improve with each session.   “One of the biggest things is a (gain) in their confidence level,” she said. “We have a family event at the end of each session where they present, are able to put on an event, speak at it and lead different activities.”   Scott said she has been delighted to watch students become more educated on and involved with the greater Fulton community through the Extended Day program. They most likely will ... more >>
GRB hosts first-ever Block Party: Piggybacking on the success of similar events at its sister schools, G. Ray Bodley High School recently hosted its inaugural Block Party.   GRB students and their families flocked to the gymnasium where they played carnival games, listened to music, danced and enjoyed a picnic-style dinner with hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, cookies and water. The cotton candy and popcorn stand were among the most popular. Several student volunteers assisted during the event to obtain community service hours.   Principal Donna Parkhurst credited the high school administration team, including assistant principal Marc Copani and Amy Stephenson, for creating an event to help families feel welcomes and comfortable at the high school. GRB has increased its efforts throughout the past few years to ... more >>
FCSD capital project enters substantially-completed phase: The Fulton City School District is proud to inform the community that the district-wide capital project has moved into the substantially-completed phase.   Jerry Seguin, FCSD Director of Facilities, Operations and Transportation, said the two parking lots have been replaced at Fairgrieve Elementary so drivers can expect smoother rides in both locations. Another completed paving project is at Lanigan Elementary, where the North lot was re-done. New light poles also were installed in front of the building.   Energy efficiency will occur at the Fulton Junior High School, thanks to the replacement of several windows in the library media center, cafeteria and near some stairwells. Window replacement also occurred in the library media center at Granby Elementary School and new ... more >>
GRB Seminar course supports 9th, 10th graders: more >>
Lanigan’s annual Block Party attracts crowd: Lanigan Elementary knows how to party – and create an inviting environment for all.   That was apparent during the school’s recent Block Party and open house events, which drew several hundred extended Lanigan family members together.   Guests enjoyed a picnic-style dinner, served by Principal Jeff Hendrickson and staff members. Music played as attendees visited stations from school and community partners, including a popular face painter who transformed Lanigan student into butterflies, tigers, monsters and other characters. The school’s sixth-graders also attracted quite the crowd as they launched their handmade rockets after having learned about rocket science and the rocket’s components in class.   Students and their families were encouraged ... more >>
FCSD continues its Community Giving Project: Throughout the 2017-2018 school year, the Fulton City School District will continue its Community Giving Project, which places pertinent supplies into the hands of its students and community members in need.   Students, staff members and community members are all invited to participate in this joyous display of togetherness, as collection boxes will be placed at each school building. FCSD will coordinate with community partner agencies to maximize its reach.   The following items will be collected each month: hats and mittens in October, shoes and boots in November, hoodies in December, non-perishable food in January, books in February, socks in March, hygiene products in April, toys and games in May and school supplies in June.   more >>
Granby students hear positive message through song: A small amount of positivity can go a long way.   That was the message from singer/songwriter Jared Campbell, who recently performed at Granby Elementary School. During his performance for students in grades kindergarten through two, students learned through song that they don’t have to play sports in order to be a good sport. Before students clapped and sang along to songs about self-acceptance and kindness, they learned three important rules: play by the rules, be a team player and have a good attitude.   Once children learn to do the right things daily, they become their own superhero, Campbell said. As loud as could be, the group of students sang “I want to be a superhero, bringing trouble down to zero,” a message that will stay at Granby throughout ... more >>
FCSD utilizes BoardDocs to save resources: The Fulton City School District (FCSD) Board of Education is committed to increased communication and transparency, and has worked toward accomplishing that through use of BoardDocs.   BoardDocs, a paperless meeting technology, eases the preparation of meeting materials, board packets and public access to non-confidential meeting information. FCSD BOE members now utilize iPads during meetings to pull up information electronically.  Use of this technology will, ideally, also enable FCSD BOE members and staff members to save time and resources, therefore passing on cost savings to school district taxpayers. Time spent compiling board packets by hand and associated printing costs will be eliminated.   “The Fulton CSD BOE finds BoardDocs to be much more user friendly ... more >>
Coffee & Conversation new at FJHS: The Fulton Junior High School and Fulton Community School have teamed up to reach a goal of increasing family support and engagement through the new Coffee & Conversation sessions.   FJHS Principal Chris Leece said because he is a new principal, he aims to find ways to talk with parents of junior high school families about what is going well in the school and what could be improved.   “Our goal is to provide an opportunity for parents to receive information and ask questions of key junior high staff throughout the year,” he said.   The first session on Oct. 11 will include FJHS highlights from Leece, an overview of the first five weeks of school and making sure parents have access to School Tool for important school information about their child, ... more >>
FCSD hosts attendance awareness event: Dozens of Fulton City School District families flocked to the annual free Attendance Awareness kickoff event where they found food, fun and prizes that helped promote life-long learning.   District officials were joined by community partner agencies to provide a collective message to Fulton families: we will promote healthy habits to ensure every child attends school daily. Students were asked to sign an attendance pledge, received free books and school supplies, painted kindness rocks with positive messages and learned about the school-to-home support network to help them stay in school. A picnic-style lunch was also served.   FCSD teachers, support staff members, administrators and Superintendent Brian Pulvino stopped by the event to show they, too, stand behind the importance ... more >>
FCSD names new technology director: Dominick Lisi’s wish to have a close, direct impact working with children came true with the Fulton City School District.   FCSD’s new Director of Technology is taking an all-inclusive approach to technology needs of the district by including teachers, administrators, community members and most importantly: Fulton students. With Lisi’s assistance, the district will expand its 1-to-1 technology device initiative as students become more immersed in 21 st century learning. As technology improvements and changes occur, Lisi said it will also be important for parents, guardians and community members to help reinforce technology’s positive, productive uses and most importantly, safety measures in the current digital world.   “As a community with ... more >>
GRB Seminar course supports 9th, 10th graders: G. Ray Bodley High School teachers are working toward creating sustainable foundations for ninth- and tenth-grade students through the new Seminar class.   Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, freshmen and sophomores only have been scheduled every other day with the 40-minute Seminar course, which seeks to build relationships between teachers and students, personalize student education, further develop students’ soft skills and create a structured, supportive environment. Teachers Angela Ferlito and Ami LaDuc, who led a Seminar class teacher training this summer, said those benefits will collectively help GRB students and future graduates become productive members of society.   Seminar curriculum framework will center around monthly topics: transitions and academic ... more >>
FCSD hosts staff development day: The Fulton City School District doesn’t leave all of the back-to-school fun just for students.   Teachers, support staff and administrators recently joined together for a staff development day where they were empowered by Superintendent Brian Pulvino to journey to the educational summit – the highest level of achievement - with district students. Pulvino expressed gratitude toward district employees for their support of students in grades pre-kindergarten through 12. With a goal of empowering every child, every day, he rallied staff members to take great pride in being a part of the Fulton City School District. Pulvino encouraged them to continuously celebrate successes and stay focused throughout the 2017-2018 school year.   During the professional development ... more >>

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