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Lanigan Students Advance in Spelling Bee: W-I-N-N-E-R-S! Lanigan Elementary students Mary Jane Mullaney, Alicia Halsdorf, Rimma Mankiewicz and Harper McClave received top honors during the school’s fourth annual spelling bee, held December 9. All four students will now advance to The Post-Standard / WCNY Spelling Bee, on January 16 at Onondaga Community College in Syracuse. After 15 rounds of the Lanigan spelling bee finals, sixth-grader Mullaney received first-place as she correctly spelled “spectacles.” Library Media Specialist Jessica Somers organized the event and AIS Reading Teacher Heather Berthoff served as pronouncer. Teaching Assistant Joyce Garrett also assisted during the Lanigan finals. From left to right: Lanigan Elementary students Mary Jane Mullaney, Alicia Halsdorf and Rimma Mankiewicz ... more >>
Children's Author Suzanne Bloom Visits Fairgrieve: Children’s author Suzanne Bloom shared her own verbal and visual time machine journey with Fairgrieve Elementary students during a recent visit to the school. Mimicking events of her book “A Mighty Fine Time Machine,” Bloom recalled her travels of literature and illustration, from grade school paintings and writing with mistakes to having several books published. The keys, she said, were having creativity, imagination and persistence. “You learn from your mistakes,” one first-grader said. In the library, Bloom read her book “The Bus for Us” to kindergarten students and “A Splendid Friend, Indeed” to both kindergarteners and first-graders, and excerpts from “Piggy Monday” to students, including second-graders.  In ... more >>
Dental Program Arrives at Fairgrieve Elementary: Increased access to dental care has arrived at Fairgrieve Elementary School. Space in the band room has been offered for “CHOMPERS,” a program which provides students in grades pre-kindergarten through six with dental cleanings, sealants, fluoride treatments and dental education. The program is a partnership between the Northern Oswego County Health Services, Inc. and the Health Foundation for Western & Central New York. “Our school is close to 70 percent poverty rate,” said Principal Jean Ciesla. “Knowing that, there’s a need for families to have dental assistance.” Dental Hygienist Jessica Overton will be available from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. each Tuesday at the school. Ciesla said as the program grows, there will be opportunities to expand. ... more >>
FCSD Staff Look at Improving Grading Practices: The Fulton City School District is committed to implementing the best grading practices throughout all grade levels. About 300 staff members and district officials attended the Grading & Reporting Student Learning: Honest and Accurate Grades for All Students presentation on November 3 at Onondaga Community College in Syracuse. Grading experts Thomas R. Guskey and Lee Ann Jung, professors with the College of Education at the University of Kentucky, guided FCSD staff on development of new standards-based grading policies and practices that work for all students. Key points included knowing advantages and shortcomings or different grading methods, exploring strategies to ensure fair grading, and how to improve feedback to students. Liane Benedict, staff development coordinator at the ... more >>
Students Honored for Having Gratitude at Fairgrieve: Fairgrieve Elementary students who have shown appreciation and returned kindness to teachers and fellow students throughout the month of November received gratitude recognition during a Morning Express program. Principal Jean Ciesla congratulated each recipient as she handed them a “brag tag” to add to their collection. Pictured below in the front row are award recipients: Luis Muniz-Hall, John Vincent, Cara Nelson, Treydon Arcadi, Zachary Regan, Drake Bennett, Tristan Caruso and Aliesha Brown. In the middle row are: Jack Bryant, Hayden Carvey, Olivia Bauer, Dakota Brown, Mia Holliday, Anna Rose O’Dett and Alyssa Hatter. In the back row are: Principal Jean Ciesla and students Annyka Halligan, Ivy Szlamczynski, Carolyn La Pierre, Patrick McInnis, Cassidy Duso and Bella ... more >>
Granby Elementary Fourth-graders Show Native American Projects: Granby Elementary School fourth-graders hosted a recent two-day Native American walk-through event for friends, family members and classmates. Students’ lessons on Native American cultures throughout both special and core areas, including English Language Arts, Social Studies, music and art, culminated with the creation of handcrafted instruments, small-scale longhouses and masks. Items were on display throughout the cafeteria and library. During the student walk-through, fourth-graders were on hand to explain their projects to younger students. Pictured below are many projects recently created by the school's fourth-grade students: more >>
Volney Students Receive Honors for Gratitude: During a recent assembly, Volney Elementary School celebrated students who exemplified the character trait of gratitude throughout the month of November. Principal Todd Terpening encouraged all students to show appreciation for things and people. He then joined a few students and teachers in singing a gratitude song. The following students received a Principal’s Award because their actions demonstrated they can make a difference in their school: Connor Taft, Isabella Wood, Deven Catalone, Evan Calkins, Treyvin Munger, Collin White, Emma Spaulding, Cayden Reed and Santina Cunningham. Also recognized were Tyler Budd, MacKenzie Kerfien, Collin Cunningham, Elijah Turner, Shayla Sykes, James Salisbury, Madison Flood, Lyndsey Warner and Noah Morales. The following students also were recognized ... more >>
Fairgrieve Students Advance in Spelling Bee: Fairgrieve Elementary School’s top four spellers in grades four through six will advance to the 2016 Post Standard/WCNY Spelling Bee, to be held January 16 at Onondaga Community College in Syracuse. Students Caitlin Todt, Asa Finch, Dawson Krause and Vera Butchko will join about 150 students from various school districts in taking a 50-word written spelling test. The top 35 spellers will then move on to an oral spelling bee in February, and that winner will be granted a trip for two to Washington, D.C. in May to take part in the Scripps National Spelling Bee. About 50 Fairgrieve students prepared for the spelling bee in early November by studying from a book containing words, tips and tricks for spelling bee success. The number of participants was narrowed down following two written ... more >>
Fairgrieve Elementary is Home to Local Authors: Fairgrieve Elementary School didn’t have to go far this year to find children’s book authors to speak to students in grades three through six. Sixth-grade Teacher John Mercer and Kindergarten Teacher Justin Johnson spoke with students about how they became authors and offered advice for fellow writing enthusiasts. Mercer penned and self-published “They Call Me Zombie” and “They Call Me Zombie: Hope,” which both follow the life of a boy named Mikey who died but was resuscitated by doctors. During a fifth-grade presentation in the library, a handful of students said they already read the first two books in the series and wondered when he would write the last to complete the trilogy. Feedback from current and former students helps him craft each book ... more >>
Fulton fourth-graders learn the art of lacrosse stick making: Fourth-graders from the Fulton City School District had the opportunity to meet a world-renowned lacrosse stick maker, Alfred Jacques of the Onondaga Nation’s Turtle Clan.   The presentation coincided with the students’ class learning of the Iroquois Nation. Jacques showed the students a handmade Hiawatha wampum belt (strands of purple and white shells used centuries ago as currency), which symbolizes the original five nations united by the Peacemaker. The tree symbol in the center represents both The Great Tree of Peace and the Onondaga Nation while the squares symbolize the other four five nations: the Seneca, the Cayuga, the Oneida and the Mohawk. The Fulton fourth-graders were able to remember and recite all nations in order from left to right on the wampum belt.   ... more >>
Lanigan Students Become Leather Craftsmen: Lanigan Elementary School fourth-graders are now leather craftsmen. Under the direction of Dylan Garrow, sales associate at Tandy Leather in Syracuse, students used wooden mallets to pound metal stamps into strips of leather (from cow hide) to create bookmarks. Classes learned that leather is soft and pliable and a good material to make clothing. Garrow said hide from many different animals may also be used for rugs, upholstery, handbags and clothing. A favorite among students in Janet Rolf’s fourth-grade class was the rock python snake skin, which stretched over six-feet in length, but Garrow also let the class feel other hide types. “I want the rabbit one!” said Skyy Smith. Students were engaged in the presentation, asking Garrow questions related to multiple animals, ... more >>
Fairgrieve Students Learn About Weather: Fairgrieve Elementary School students learned about weather during a recent Morning Express program and additional presentations given by Time Warner Cable News Meteorologist John DiPasquale. Students in grades kindergarten through six cheered when DiPasquale asked if they soon wanted snow, his favorite precipitation. He explained that Central New York is one of the safest places to live because the area is not prone to hurricanes, tsunamis, or other major weather-related occurances. More intense lake effect snow here, however, is the result of increased temperature differences between warm bodies of water (Lake Ontario) and cool air moving over the water. Students were engaged in all presentations, asking questions about floods, hurricanes, snow and clouds, among other weather topics. ... more >>
Veterans Honored at Lanigan Elementary: Lanigan Elementary School Fifth-grade teacher Aaron Koproski encouraged all students during a recent Veteran’s Day assembly to say at least two words to people who have served in the Armed Forces: thank you. Thanking veterans for their service will show love and appreciation for sacrifices they have made for their country, Koproski said. After students, staff and veterans recited the Pledge of Allegiance together, Koproski’s class shared facts about the history of Veteran’s Day, and a representative from the Fulton VFW taught students how to give a proper salute. About two dozen veterans were nominated by Lanigan students and presented with recognition certificates. Principal Jeff Hendrickson also honored the following staff members for their service: Head Custodian Earl ... more >>
Teachers of the Year at Lanigan Elementary: Lanigan Elementary teachers recently received the designation of Teachers of the Year by the Walmart in Granby. Walmart employees Angela Blanchard and Samantha McLoughlin presented a sheet cake to the school’s 43 teachers. Each teacher received their own goodie bags, and 20 teachers were awarded with a $50 Walmart gift card. Blanchard said the gift cards will hopefully offset out-of-pocket expenses teachers incur in order to make students’ educational experiences even more enjoyable. Reading AIS Teacher Carol Raby, left, and Second-grade teachers Joyce Horbas, middle, and Frances Bennett, right, enjoy cake and conversation during a Teachers of the Year celebration, in which Walmart honored all Lanigan Elementary teachers for ensuring their students have ... more >>
Veteran's Appreciation Day Celebrated at Volney: Volney Elementary School students presented 29 local veterans with recognition certificates during the school’s annual Veteran’s Appreciation Day assembly on Tuesday, November 10. Students who nominated a family member or friend who has served or is serving in the military, sat beside them as classmates, teachers and administrators said the Pledge of Allegiance and sang “God Bless the U.S.A.” Sixth-grade teacher William Cahill emceed the celebration, which is an event retired colleague Mary Kimball began about five years ago. Throughout the past few weeks, Cahill said many students have learned the history of Veteran’s Day, what the Armed Forces do, and how important it is to tell and show veterans that people are thankful for their service. “We’d ... more >>
Financial Aid Night planned for December 8: The Guidance Department of G. Ray Bodley High School in the Fulton City School District will again host their annual “Financial Aid Night” for students and their parents or guardians on Tuesday, December 8 from 7:00-8:30 p.m. in the high school auditorium.  Becoming acquainted with the various sources of financial assistance and understanding the processes and deadlines for applying will assure the timely submission of appropriate forms and greatly enhance the probability of receiving financial aid. Kathy Flaherty, a representative from the financial aid office at the State University of New York at Oswego, will present information about the types and sources of financial aid available to undergraduate students and familiarize attendees with the federal and state forms needed ... more >>
Fairgrieve Elementary Students Raise Funds for Veterans: Some of the smallest gestures of gratitude can have the biggest impact on veterans. That is the message Donna Kestner, Oswego County Veterans Service Agency director, gave to Fairgrieve Elementary School students during a recent Morning Express program at the school. On the heels of Veteran’s Day, Kestner spoke with students about ways they can help show appreciation to those who have served in the military. She recommended children make handwritten thank you notes to give to veterans in their own family and in the community. Fairgrieve Elementary students and teachers went above and beyond that, as they also collected funds to be donated to the Syracuse VA Medical Center, in Syracuse, to help supply patients with snacks, books, toiletries and other items to ensure they have a pleasant ... more >>
Former NFL Player Teaches Lanigan Students Good Choices: Good choices lead to good results. That is a lesson Lanigan Elementary School students in third- through sixth-grade learned from former Chicago Bears football player Michael Cobb. During a recent school assembly, the Sports World Motivational Youth Speaker encouraged students to listen and respect each other. Cobb said positive choices may be rewarded and that alone can keep youth motivated. When he asked students to raise their hands in response to a question and sit quietly, third-grader Ethan Bartlett didn’t go unnoticed for respecting Cobb’s request. The former pro athlete took out his wallet, handed Bartlett a $5 bill and told him he earned it for making the choice to listen. Lanigan Elementary School Principal Jeff Hendrickson said Cobb’s messages perfectly aligned ... more >>
Student responsibility lauded at Lanigan: Positive behavior was on display throughout October, as Lanigan Elementary School students exhibited responsibility in the classroom, hallways and cafeteria. Students in kindergarten through sixth grades who demonstrated responsibility were recently recognized with a certificate for being an October Role Model. Principal Jeff Hendrickson and Fulton Fire Chief Paul Foster congratulated the students on their achievement during an assembly. “Responsibility is taking care of what needs to be done for yourself, your family, your school and your community,” Hendrickson said. “Great job!” The monthly Role Model Awards were presented to Elliott Dumouchel and Vita Galini (kindergarten); Alex Wilcox, Brady Kunzwiler and Matthew Becker (first grade); Xavier Wicks, Finley ... more >>
Volney Students Show Responsibility: Students at Volney Elementary School earned recognition during a recent assembly for exhibiting responsibility during the month of October. During the assembly, Principal Todd Terpening defined responsibility as making sure someone is doing what they are supposed to be doing and seeing tasks through until the end. The following students were presented with a Principal’s Award for showing responsibility this month: Brynn Graf, Emilyn Moshier, Devin Catalone, Ayden Bigelow, Callen Cowden, Liberty Allard, Zackery MacDougall, Olivia Hendrickson, Audrey White, Colten Norton, Tristan Graham, Jaya Whitehead, Laura Bartlett, Evelyn Rupert, Kaeli McCarthy, Nick Shaw, Elle Lone, Sarah Nichols, Paige Kingsley, and Marissa Bowering. The monthly “On-a-roll” models were also announced ... more >>

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