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Responsibility awards given at Volney Elementary: Volney Elementary students who have shown responsibility throughout the month of October were recently awarded with the school’s Virtue of the Month honors.   A recipient from each classroom was presented with a Principal’s Award for having shown responsible behavior in the classroom, hallways, special areas and the cafeteria. Principal Todd Terpening said because of each honored student’s actions, Volney has become a better place to learn. He then presented all 19 children with their award before they received cheers and applause from classmates, teachers and guests.   Principal’s Award recipients are: Ava Thurlow, Anthony Finch, Myleigh Knopp, Rowen Cowden, Grace Garrison, Deven Smith, Ethan Gilbert, Sadie Davis, Bryana Stanard, Juliet Schnall, ... more >>
Expectations exceeded at Fairgrieve in October: Several students at Fairgrieve Elementary School were recently honored for exceeding classroom expectations throughout the month of October.   Awardees were nominated by their teacher for the monthly honor for reasons such as following directions, not speaking out of turn, completing work as told, being proactive and showing responsibility, among several other actions. Students were recognized during a Morning Express program where guests, classmates and teachers cheered and applauded as their names were called. For their efforts, the students received a “brag tag” to add to their collection.   Recipients in front, from left, are: Brian Santiago, Avery Tice, Aurora LaPage, Riot Messerly, Francis Davis, Charleigh Shaffer, Arianna Richardson-Heaney, Brianna Wines ... more >>
Conners provides teachable moments at Granby: Woven into academic work at Granby Elementary School are teachable moments in emotion management.   Students have learned how to recognize feelings, ways to deal with those related emotions and come up with a plan to ensure healthy habits are practiced in handling those emotions.   “Sometimes there are things that happen that you have to work through,” said Stephany Collins, music teacher, told Granby students during a recent assembly.   Collins introduced someone who knows all about emotion management in overcoming adversity: former Fulton City School District student Tim Conners. Conners and his guide dog, Lang, visited Granby to connect with students on the importance of having a grateful attitude no matter what circumstances ... more >>
Fairgrieve students honor veterans: Healing local wounded warriors begins one thank-you at a time.   That message is what Fairgrieve Elementary students recently learned from Donna Kestner, director of the Oswego County Veterans Service Agency. During a recent Morning Express program at the school, she spoke with Fairgrieve students about the utmost appreciation Oswego County military veterans have for the generosity of Fulton students.   She recalled a conversation she had with a local veteran receiving care at the VA Hospital in Syracuse when the gentleman told her that he still had a card hung up on his wall, long after he received that from a Fulton student. More thoughtfulness, he said, can help more veterans. That is why the students and staff members at Fairgrieve recently collected ... more >>
GRB SRO visits with Seminar students: Fulton Police Officer Jeremy Hutchinson, assigned as the school resource officer at G. Ray Bodley High School, recently visited freshman and sophomores who are taking the Seminar course. He discussed cyber-bullying, laws about taking photos, his role as an STP and he answered questions from the students.   Officer Hutchinson said it was a great opportunity to have more positive interactions with students. He is one of many guest speakers featured as part of the school’s new Seminar course for ninth-grade and 10 th -grade students.   Seminar aims to build relationships between teachers and students, personalize student education, further develop students’ soft skills and create a structured, supportive environment. GRB School Resource Officer Jeremy ... more >>
Puppet show teaches UPK students fire safety: Fairgrieve Elementary Universal Pre-Kindergarten students received a little help from “Sesame Street” characters in reviewing fire safety.   Elmo, Oscar the Grouch and Cookie Monster all made guest appearances to the school, along with their new friend Mr. Smoke Detector during a puppet show performance, thanks to members of the Fulton Fire Department. Firefighters Mike Tetro, Michelle Lacey and Nick Williams used the characters to teach Fairgrieve’s youngest students how to stop, drop and roll with a catchy song.   Tetro encouraged the UPK students to ask their parents about an escape plan and to practice that plan just as they do with fire drills in school. He referred to them as EDITH or Exit Drills In The Home. UPK student Maverick Skiliniskis even knew ... more >>
Fulton First-graders Save Lives, Organize Blood Drive: The first grade of Fulton City School District organizes a blood drive at each elementary school building annually as part of their science study of the human body and circulatory system.   Each class contributes to the day of the blood drive. Some made posters, some made invitations to give to parents, and others created handmade thank you cards to give to the donors.   Some of the students worked together to put together a video to spread the word about the drive. This year’s video can be seen on the Fairgrieve Elementary School Facebook page. Fairgrieve Elementary exceeded their goal for donors this year. Fairgrieve first-graders Alexa Messerly (left) and Braydon Heany (right) showcase a few of the handmade thank you cards the students of Mrs. Field’s ... more >>
Golden Spoon honors at Fairgrieve Elementary: Several Fairgrieve Elementary School students were recently honored for exceeding expectations in the school cafeteria throughout the month of October.   Recipients of the monthly Golden Spoon honors were recognized during a Morning Express program, where they received applause, cheers and congratulatory messages from Principal Jean Sampsell, guests, classmates and teachers. For their efforts, they also were presented with a “brag tag” to add to their collection.   At Fairgrieve Elementary School, following expectations occurs in the classroom, hallways, special areas and the cafeteria throughout the school year.   Awardees pictured, from left, in the front row are: Mikayla Hilton, Nicolas Rellos, Lily Attwood, Alyssa Sullivan, Kyler Vail, Lynnae LaPage, ... more >>
Fairgrieve introduces Safety Patrol members: Several Fairgrieve Elementary School sixth-graders commitment to safety has earned them a spot on the school’s coveted Safety Patrol.   Patrol advisor and Special Education teacher Anne Roberts said each member is stationed throughout various spots in the building that Principal Jean Sampsell has deemed a necessary zone where students may need reminders on hallway expectations. She encouraged the student body to listen to Safety Patrol members when they give their peers reminders of those expectations: walking quietly, staying in line and keeping hands off of lockers, staying to the right, taking one step at a time and to keep shoe laces tied.   Principal Sampsell recently introduced students in grades pre-kindergarten through six to Safety Patrol members so they know ... more >>
Characters transform into pumpkins: There are no tricks, just treats in the storybook pumpkin patches at the four Fulton City School District elementary school library media centers.   The fun Halloween and fall-themed project was spearheaded by Jessica Somers, Lanigan Elementary School librarian, who wanted to offer a creative way to involve students and their families in additional reading opportunities.   A majority of the pumpkins are designed after a favorite character or scene from a book students read with their class or on their own outside of school. Pumpkins are not carved or cut, rather decorated with colorful paint or markers at home before they were sent into school to be displayed in libraries.   Somers said pumpkins from several Lanigan students focused on how people are wonders, which ... more >>
Harvest Festival teaches Fairgrieve students about agriculture: Instead of it taking a village to raise a child, Fairgrieve Elementary’s many students worked together to raise up their community in need.   The school’s recent Harvest Festival celebrated local produce and agricultural understanding with an abundance of activities, such as fruit- and vegetable-related games, visits with rabbits, educational challenges, apple cider tasting and a lap around the track with stops at various mock vegetable stands where produce was collected to be placed in a box from each classroom.   Those boxes were reserved for the food pantry at the Catholic Charities of Oswego County. Produce was purchased from local vendors, thanks to the generosity of students and staff members who collected money during a recent Morning Express program. ... more >>
Dental health promoted at Volney Elementary: In addition to the normal curriculum materials like reading, writing and arithmetic, students at Volney Elementary School in the Fulton City School District this week got a lesson that should last a lifetime.   As part of a volunteer effort by Philadelphia, New York-based McCue Dental, students from pre-kindergarten through sixth grade took part in a presentation about the best practices and benefits of dental hygiene.   “Education is huge for us,” said dental hygienist Cammie Lyndaker, who led the 45-minute presentations on Monday. “We’ll see kids come in to the dentist for their first visit with major dental issues and unfortunately, that can give off a bad vibe to visiting the dentist from the start.”   McCue Dental, which operates ... more >>
Rocketry teaches perseverance at Volney: Lessons in science and perseverance sent several colorful rockets into the air at Volney Elementary School.   For Volney sixth-graders, the introduction to rocketry began with three Newton’s Laws of Motion: objects at rest will stay at rest, and objects in motion will stay in motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an unbalanced force; force is equal to mass times execration; and for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. Teacher Bill Cahill said the entire unit reached far beyond scientific measures and into lessons of perseverance and learning from failure.   Each of the sixth-grade classes studied Homer Hickam, who aimed to grow up to be a rocket engineer but had no support from his father. He persevered through his struggles to fulfill his ... more >>
Fairgrieve teachers honor responsible students: Exhibiting responsibility throughout the month of October landed several Fairgrieve Elementary School students with a Virtue of the Month award.   The students were selected for the honor by their classroom teacher who observed them on many occasions as being responsible leaders during school. Principal Jean Sampsell praised the students for their good behavior, character and positive choices before student peers, guests and teachers applauded and cheered for the awardees. For their effort, recipients received a “brag tag” to add to their collection.   Pictured in the front row, from left, are: Cooper Bryant, Logan McDermott, Kyler Vail, Riley Reed, Kierstyn Reed, Noah Quesnell-Squairs, Hailey Niver, Maddox Collins and Travis LaClaire. In the second row, from ... more >>
1st graders host blood drive at Volney: From lessons in school to watching people donate blood, Volney Elementary School first-graders could tell anyone all about the human body.   As part of the first-grade Listening and Learning unit about the body systems, the youngsters studied how the body’s components work together. They researched facts of the circulatory system, digestive system, muscular system and skeletal systems before they worked in teams to make a life-sized poster of those internal workings and a PowerPoint presentation for adult volunteers to watch as they registered to give blood.   Teacher Kathleen DeLisle said the blood drive served as the unit’s community awareness component, to which the first-graders created handmade invitations, “lifesaver” thank you notes and posters. ... more >>
October most improved honors at Fairgrieve: Fairgrieve Elementary School students who have remained dedicated to working toward achieving academic or behavioral goals were recently honored with the Most Improved award.   The monthly award was given to students who were nominated by their classroom teacher for believing in themselves and persevering for a personal achievement. Awardees were recognized during a recent Morning Express program in front of their peers, teachers and guests. For their efforts, the students received a “brag tag” to add to their collection.   Honorees, in the front, from left, are: Alyssa Sullivan, Autumn Carpenter, Johnnie McCloud, Logan Race, Jacob Clark, Tawnee Burns, Kevin Crowder, Dominc Rellos and Christopher Smith. In the second row, from left, are: Bianna VanDeLinder, Mazam ... more >>
Granby Elementary 1st graders host blood drive: Granby Elementary School first-graders have worked hard to build a solid science foundation, beginning within the first couple of months of the 2017-2018 school year.   Several students became fascinated with during a recent Listening and Learning unit on the human body, in which they learned all about blood and its components, how to keep bodies healthy and the body systems: circulatory, muscular, skeletal and digestive. Teacher Elizabeth Amyot-Sturgeon said the science lessons they learn this year will help pave the way for a better understanding of biology and other sciences as they reach higher grade levels.   For now, the students were ecstatic to visit the blood drive they recently hosted. Student Caleb Simpson was so intrigued with the process he asked an American ... more >>
Fairgrieve 6th graders soar to new heights: Fairgrieve Elementary School sixth-graders put their knowledge of Newton’s three Laws of Motion to the test as they launched their handmade rockets into the air, as part of a recent science lesson.   Keeping in mind those three laws: an object will remain at rest unless it’s compelled to change, velocity of an object changes when it is subjected to an external force and that for every force in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction, students designed and created their rockets with personal touches and goals of reaching sky-high limits. Teacher Kerrie Phillips said listening, teamwork, construction and several other skills aided students in their work. The rocket lesson also served as a reinforcement of many science skills the sixth-graders have learned in grades ... more >>
Apple fun for Lanigan kindergarteners: The delicious taste, crisp crunch, sweet smell, vibrant red and smooth texture of apples fit perfectly into the five senses unit Lanigan Elementary School kindergarteners learned ahead of their field trip to the Greco Family Farm in Oswego.   All three kindergarten classes went on a tractor ride, learned how apple cider was made and trekked through the orchard to find their most perfect apple, all while referring back to the five senses they learned in school.   Teacher Dianne Sestak said the students were well prepared for their visit, as they read several stories about apples as a class, learned about the cycle of apples and made apple crafts. After the trip the students would make applesauce together in class, she said.   Just as the classes were changing stations ... more >>
2nd grade Community Day at Fairgrieve: It takes several people to help a community remain safe and prosperous.   That is what Fairgrieve Elementary School second-grade students took away from attending a recent Community Day discussion where a hairdresser, physical therapist, factory worker, police officer and firefighters spoke about their roles and responsibilities in creating a community. The event served as a culmination activity an academic unit on community.   The factory worker explained she helps make packaging for ice cream, while the physical therapist noted she helps people take care of their bodies. Hairdresser Kim Anderson told the students about her work duties and said she, too, still learns to help perfect her craft. The second-graders were ecstatic to hear all about the equipment and tools Fulton ... more >>

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